Monday, June 14, 2010

E-mail 6-14-10

Well I received the package that you sent me with the maple syrup, powdered sugar, and all of those wonderful things. I was so stoked to receive that stuff, but I’m afraid to use it now, they are like my most valuable possessions. I received grandpa’s package as well, and he did well!! All of the food and stuff from you two was awesome. It definitely made the week. SO this week a received three huge packages (Patrice sent one too) and everyone thought it was my birthday, so you’ve done well, and it is much appreciated.

I’m glad you received the pictures finally, sorry it took so long. Most of them are of Elder MacKay because we thought he was leaving and I always carry my camera around so I took lots of pics for him. As for the whole church thing, for some reason that day they just had on lots of white clothes, usually it will be a mix of all colors. It is a ward, it’s in school house with mosquito netting for windows and a wooden roof, usually we can fit everyone, but it’s always crammed. The pics of the village is part of my area. There aren’t any pictures of where I live, those are all us at investigators playing in the rain (first time it rained since I’ve been here). Well I won’t say to much to Miles about the accident because I know he is already getting a bunch of crap from everyone and feels like a complete retard. Well I felt like a retard after my wreck. So all I will say is welcome to the gang.

Well this week went a little slow. We are preparing for a baptism and we can’t get any records from people, because they don’t exist. That’s a big problem here, no one even knows their age or birthday. So that has been somewhat hectic, and then with the World Cup started everyone is watching the game, so it is pretty slow. It was pretty sweet to see how Ghana reacted to their win. Every time something happened, like at all, you would hear a massive roar go out across the entire village. It was so freakin tight. And then when they scored people were out in the streets yelling and stuff . After they game we had groups of people marching around in the streets just cheering and every cab driver was holding down the horn. Its so cool how into it they get and how much it runs their lives.

As for church, the Oppong family didn’t come like they promised and the two boys probably won’t be coming for a very long time. I think we still had 15 investigators at church, but not the ones we have been focusing on. However, this week I did get to experience my first butt chewing on my mission. It was intense. We went over to Joel and Angleberts place before church to pick them up, and when we got there the boys weren’t dressed. Then as soon as we stepped into the room their mother began to give it to us!! OH SHE FINISHED US!!! She just went crazy on how we are taking her boys from her and telling them to leave their church and come to ours, and how we told them not to mind her anymore. She even went as far as to tell her boys to leave and come live with us. Some of what she had said was true, not all, but some. Hey it’s not my fault that God told them Joseph Smith was a prophet. So finally we calmed her down and left by ourselves. So I think we might have to take it slow with them, and continue to try to teach and serve the mother. (she even gave it to our bishop over the whole thing) I think that’s about all I got for this week, nothing that amazing. But the work is still moving forward and we are working are butts off. It doesn’t get any better than this!!!! The gospel has brought me more joy and happiness in my life than anything else, and a mission only expands that. It’s amazing. It’s true. It’s everything.
Love Elder Adams

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