Tuesday, April 27, 2010

e-mail 4-26-2010

Da Family
Well, another week down the drain like that. It goes by so fast. Anyway this week was a good week. We worked hard this week to make up for all of the time that we missed because I was sick. We did work. It was by far the most successful week we have had. We taught 54 lessons. The week has been stressful trying to prepare everyone and get things ready for the baptism this Sunday. Yes, we will be having the baptism at the beach this week and I think I will be doing the baptisms. It should be a sweet experience. We are baptizing two little girls who should have been child of record baptisms, but the records here in Africa are not very good so we get to do it now that they are older than 8. It’s a big problem having to re-baptize people all the time. We are also baptizing a 23 year old fisherman, a husband of a women that we reactivated when I first got here, and a 14 year old boy whose family are all members. After church on Sunday we will walk with the ward to the beach and do the baptisms. It is gonna be sweet.

There are some way cool missionaries in this mission. This week we went on splits with our zone leaders. They are tight, both from Utah (Elder Hill and Elder Strong). On Friday night we had 7 white boys in our apartment and only one African. Which never, ever happens. It was a fun night chillin with a bunch of cool dudes. I'm gunna have some tight buddies when I get home.

Saturday was by far the best day this week. It rained almost the whole day. And when it rains here it really rains. It ain’t like back home, it’s more like flash flood status. Anyway, my companion and I decided we would have some fun so we played in the rain with a bunch of little African kids. We were dunking them in the buckets full of water, standing under the rain gutters, and watching the little kids break dance. I would have thrown in a few sick moves but I would have embarrassed myself. We took some sweet pics of it so I will send those sometime soon with the rest on a cd. I pounded some fufu yesterday for the 1st time. I got some nice blisters and stuff all over my hands. Pounding is not easy to do. I was tired after and the women just make it look like it is so easy. The women are beasts. They could seriously beat the crap out of me. They are tough.

Our ward here is sweet. Our Bishop is a very good Bishop, and we have pretty good leadership as well. The problem that they have here a lot with the Bishops is that after every meeting they will stand up and chastise the people or tell them what they need to do better. Which to an extent is okay, except they do it every single week, and eventually the people just tune out the Bishop. Then the people don’t listen to the Bishop and he loses his ability to lead. That is an issue in Ghana, but not so much in my ward.

Me and Elder Mackay are enjoying. Its nice to be with a white boy from back home. He is in love with music, and well if you know me very well I can’t really sing or anything like that. He is always talking about artists and songs and stuff and I just nod my head because I have no idea what he is talking about. We talk about sports and stuff like that a lot of the time, we both know a lot about sports. But anyway we get along, I love the kid.

So about the phone call. Yeah I will call you on the cell if you want me to. It’s no problem. We don’t have a phone in the apartment we just have cellular phones. But we might use a members phone to call, and just buy the minutes. Oh yeah, to answer your Question about the malaria, usually the white boys get it more. I don’t use repellent or anything I just pray, and hope I don’t get it. The package I got was perfect. I didn’t have to pay any money, so your doing well. We had a soccer game today, and I was the goal keeper. They scored 3 times on me. Yeah I suck. But we won 4 to 3. I think I don’t like it much. I changed my mind.

Ayway, tell Miles that I love him too and that he better send his brother something. I love you guys. Thanks for everything. Sounds like you’re all doing great. I will talk to ya later. Love you
Elder Adams

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

E-mail 4-19-2010

The Family,
This week went much better than the previous. I did get sick a little bit on Thursday again. I had a fever of 102.6 but nothing serious. Basically nothing. Other than that this week was great. It was nice to get back out and be able to see our investigators. I really missed them. We have a baptism coming up on May 2 and should have at least 6 or 7 baptisms among the ward and our investigators. It should be sweet. We are trying to prepare quickly because I was sick for over a week so we lost time. We have one family that we activated the mother who had not come to church for years, and we are now going to baptize her husband. They have two little kids who are so cute. It is my favorite family to teach. We are hoping everything will go as planned. We are going to baptize a young man about 23 who only speaks Fante as well. When we meet with him we need a translator because we can’t speak Fante. He has had a rough past but his brothers recently left for missions and now he is doing very well. I have been able to see a big change in his life already. The church is true that’s for sure.

It was nice to be back, but then its like you are starting over. You have to get back into the teaching and learn how to block out all the naked men and women that are walking around and breast feeding during the lessons. It is difficult to do sometimes. The environment that we teach in is not exactly the best choice. But I still love it somehow.

This week was extra special for me. I was able to use my priesthood power to give a blessing for the 1st time. After church Bishop asked me and Elder Mackay to give three young boys priesthood blessings. I was so nervous and was scared that I would mess up. But I went ahead and did it with the extra support of my companion. I did just fine and everything just seemed to flow. It was one of the greatest experiences. It was cool to really see how the spirit helps you to remember things when you need them. It really set the tone for the rest of the Sabbath and the day was sweet.

The Malaria is gone now for good, at least until I get it again. It wasn’t as bad as I may have made it sound but it is a lot worse than a normal sickness. But really nothing to worry about it will just come and go.
Im glad to hear that you put in for deer and big game tags again. We haven’t gotten any for a long time. It would be sweet if you guys could get a deer this year. If grandpa got an antelope that would be even better. Make sure and get some pic of that stuff later and send it. I’m glad that you liked the stuff I sent you mother. I would send you more for Mothers Day, but instead I’ll just call you. I will call home around 1:30 then so that Dad can be there. That’s all you need to know I can do the rest. I will call the house around then. It says we shouldn’t talk to long somewhere in the handbook, but we can worry about that when the time comes.

Dad I am glad to hear the business is doing well and that you had a good trip to Montana. Mom, sounds like you were really on your horse when the dog got after ya. I did laugh pretty hard. Well everything is going great. I love Elder Mackay and we are loving serving together, at least I am. He might be faking it but it acts like he likes me anyway. It’s awesome and I love the people here with my whole heart. They have strong testimonies. Well the church is true. I know that. I love you all so much. I know that too. Love ya,
Love Elder Adams

Monday, April 12, 2010

Near Death Experience!

April 12, 2010

Well it sounds like you had a pretty good week. It's kind of unfortunate that you said this week was the fastest of them all Dad, and Mom you said that I must be loving that fufu. Well not exactly...... Monday night me and Elder Mackay had some fufu that some members had brought over for us. It was pretty good, but I ate way to much. So I went to bed that night as happy as could be just loving life. I woke up at about 2 o’clock in the morning and just felt like crap. I sat their on my bed and couldn’t sleep for like an hour or so. Finally I threw up into the box near my bed. The fufu I ate came right out. I felt much better. So I laid back down and no more than like 1 min. passed before I vomited again. I was on the pot vomiting and suffering from severe diarrhea for the rest of the night and week. It was the start of the longest week of my life. Anyway I fell sick with Malaria and suffered until about Saturday or so. Malaria sucks. It was the sickest I have ever been.

(Elder Adams wrote to Tristin - Well I got malaria this week and thought I was going to die. It’s not a sickness it’s more like a near death experience that I some how survived. I didn’t make it sound to bad to Mom and Dad but it sucks. I didn’t leave my bed for 4 days straight. Malaria is killer. But I guess I expected it. Well I am in flippin Africa!
Elder Adams wrote to Whitney -Holy cow does malaria suck big time. I thought I was gunna die. I had the runs, I was vomiting, I had cramps in my stomach and legs, I had a 101 temperature, I had a massive headache, and the chills, all at the same time and for about the span of 4 days straight. It was the longest week of my entire life.)

I went out to proselyte a little bit on Saturday afternoon but I just couldn’t function. I had a headache and was just so tired I was pretty much worthless. So we went back after only a few appointments. We went out Sunday and I felt much better. Church went good and I was a lot stronger. The work is going great at the moment. We have a few family’s that we are getting ready to baptize soon and then a few others. It seems like the work here is progressing. At least in my area for the time being. Until this week.

We went to an investigators house after church and learned how to smoke some fish and did some service for a while. She cooked for us after and we ate some fish and some African paste stuff. I don’t know what its called exactly. Anyway, it wasn’t the best thing for me at the time but I finished all of my food somehow. Most importantly I was feeling a lot better Sunday, at about 70%. It was the longest week of my life and now I can’t even think about fufu without throwing up. It just felt like I had wasted way to much of the Lords time being sick. But its alright I’m doing just fine now. I’m considered a real missionary now that I have had malaria. You aren’t a REAL MISSIONARY until you have had malaria. So I guess it wasn’t a total waste of a week.

Sorry I haven’t sent any pictures. I have tried but its hard to do because the computers suck and I can’t send my memory cards home because I heard that they get viruses when the get scanned or something. So I will put some on a cd and send that home I guess. I’m still trying to decide what I should do. sorry just be patient. Plus I don’t have many pictures at all. I will call you on mothers day. I will be a chip and call so you don’t have to spend any money. so it will be sometime in the evening here so like 12 noon there. Something like that.

Elder Adams said 4-5 boys from the ward there have gotten mission calls. The missionaries in my ward only get sent to Africa just so you know. If they go to America they say they won’t come back.

It sounds like everything is going well. I’m glad to see the golf season in back in full swing. Dad it’s good to hear you can finally play like you know how. The hike Dad and Tris went on at Zions park sounds pretty sweet. Tristin you sound like a trooper climbing that hill or whatever. It sounds like it would have been way cool to do. Elder Mackay said that they have a cabin near there and that he has been to Angels Landing. He said it is sweet.

I’m glad you all are doing so well. Keep it up and keep me informed. I love to hear about everything that is going on even though when I email I don’t mention it. I love you all and I miss you. Elder Adams is doing just fine so don’t worry about me. Love you Mom Dad Miles Tristin Whit and even Cody and Derek.
Love Elder Adams

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4-5-2010 E-mail

Mom Dad and Family,
Sounds like everyone had a good week. It seems like you are enjoying yourselves in Utah for the weekend. Wish I could be there with you....NOT!!! Africa is better, but I do miss ya. Well I don't have much time to email today so I will write one huge email for all of you.
Conference sounds pretty amazing this time around. I'm really mad that I didn't get to listen to it. So when you get the chance I would really appreciate it if you sent me the talks. I have been reading last conference talks and they are sweet. You can learn so much from them. It's just scripture written specifically for us today. Anyway, its good that you could get away for a little vacation, you deserve the break. I want to see little Reagen I bet she is so cute. When I get home she will be talking. How weird is that. Don't play to much golf, I don't want to be getting my butt kicked by mom when I get home. Especially now that she has a new set of clubs. The jerky that I received was very good. I did enjoy, but it only lasted for about a day. Them Africans in my apartment know how to eat boy. My food disappears like nothing. If you ever send me another package, send like fruit drink packets or cool aid packets. Water gets old after a while. Thanks for all the stuff you have sent, holy cow its been pretty sweet. I appreciate it. Anyway you guys sound like you having fun and you should be.
As for me this week was the end of my 1st transfer. I don't think that I will be going anywhere or my companion though. President usually leaves the same missionary in one place for like 6 months. So I don't plan on leaving. The time has just been flying by. It is so crazy, the days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days. I don't know if I told you this yet, but we had our interviews with the President. It was sweet. He taught me something cool. That missionary work is like driving a truck without power steering. When your staying in one spot and not moving its hard to turn the wheel. You can;t go anywhere. But when you get the truck moving, the faster you go the easier it is to turn the wheel. Meaning if we don't move or work hard, the mission will be tough and we will not go anywhere. But if we go to work and jump in with both feet going a hundred miles an hour then the truck will be easier to turn and we will be able to head in the right direction. And we will enjoy the work. It might sound confusing but when he explained it it made perfect sense. I think I may have butchered that. Anyway it was a sweet interview. I also was asked to speak in district meeting and give the instruction. So I was like okay, cool no big deal. Then I get there and President shows up, along with couple missionaries. I was a little nervous. I talked about Sacrifice and how when we make sacrifices we come to know the savior and walk where he walked. Stuff like that. It went pretty well anyhow.
My ward in Moree is doing very well. We had 170 people at sacrament meeting and they said they are going to start building a new chapel as long as the ward continues to do well. I might get to see that day. We have been going out with a member named Samuel Atta Gyan who is leaving for his mission this week in Nigeria. He is a stud and we have been teaching him plenty over the past few weeks. Our ward I think has like 6 missionaries who will be out on missions very soon. Its sweet to see. I have seen my mind set slowly start to change as well. I have created this love for the scriptures like never thought possible. Every chance I get I am studying and studying. I just want to learn everything I possibly can. Its so sweet to learn new doctrine and different things that I never knew. I love it so much.
The teaching has been getting better I am slowly improving I think and starting to enjoy it more. The language not so good. Not getting much better at it, but I'm trying to learn how. The people are amazing, and I really do love them. Well I'm doing great, everything is going along just fine. I really am loving every second of it. Mom, Happy Birthday I sent you some things hopefully they make it unbroken. I love you all and wish you the very best. Your always in my prayers. Take care and I will talk to you next week. Love ya
Elder Adams