Monday, April 12, 2010

Near Death Experience!

April 12, 2010

Well it sounds like you had a pretty good week. It's kind of unfortunate that you said this week was the fastest of them all Dad, and Mom you said that I must be loving that fufu. Well not exactly...... Monday night me and Elder Mackay had some fufu that some members had brought over for us. It was pretty good, but I ate way to much. So I went to bed that night as happy as could be just loving life. I woke up at about 2 o’clock in the morning and just felt like crap. I sat their on my bed and couldn’t sleep for like an hour or so. Finally I threw up into the box near my bed. The fufu I ate came right out. I felt much better. So I laid back down and no more than like 1 min. passed before I vomited again. I was on the pot vomiting and suffering from severe diarrhea for the rest of the night and week. It was the start of the longest week of my life. Anyway I fell sick with Malaria and suffered until about Saturday or so. Malaria sucks. It was the sickest I have ever been.

(Elder Adams wrote to Tristin - Well I got malaria this week and thought I was going to die. It’s not a sickness it’s more like a near death experience that I some how survived. I didn’t make it sound to bad to Mom and Dad but it sucks. I didn’t leave my bed for 4 days straight. Malaria is killer. But I guess I expected it. Well I am in flippin Africa!
Elder Adams wrote to Whitney -Holy cow does malaria suck big time. I thought I was gunna die. I had the runs, I was vomiting, I had cramps in my stomach and legs, I had a 101 temperature, I had a massive headache, and the chills, all at the same time and for about the span of 4 days straight. It was the longest week of my entire life.)

I went out to proselyte a little bit on Saturday afternoon but I just couldn’t function. I had a headache and was just so tired I was pretty much worthless. So we went back after only a few appointments. We went out Sunday and I felt much better. Church went good and I was a lot stronger. The work is going great at the moment. We have a few family’s that we are getting ready to baptize soon and then a few others. It seems like the work here is progressing. At least in my area for the time being. Until this week.

We went to an investigators house after church and learned how to smoke some fish and did some service for a while. She cooked for us after and we ate some fish and some African paste stuff. I don’t know what its called exactly. Anyway, it wasn’t the best thing for me at the time but I finished all of my food somehow. Most importantly I was feeling a lot better Sunday, at about 70%. It was the longest week of my life and now I can’t even think about fufu without throwing up. It just felt like I had wasted way to much of the Lords time being sick. But its alright I’m doing just fine now. I’m considered a real missionary now that I have had malaria. You aren’t a REAL MISSIONARY until you have had malaria. So I guess it wasn’t a total waste of a week.

Sorry I haven’t sent any pictures. I have tried but its hard to do because the computers suck and I can’t send my memory cards home because I heard that they get viruses when the get scanned or something. So I will put some on a cd and send that home I guess. I’m still trying to decide what I should do. sorry just be patient. Plus I don’t have many pictures at all. I will call you on mothers day. I will be a chip and call so you don’t have to spend any money. so it will be sometime in the evening here so like 12 noon there. Something like that.

Elder Adams said 4-5 boys from the ward there have gotten mission calls. The missionaries in my ward only get sent to Africa just so you know. If they go to America they say they won’t come back.

It sounds like everything is going well. I’m glad to see the golf season in back in full swing. Dad it’s good to hear you can finally play like you know how. The hike Dad and Tris went on at Zions park sounds pretty sweet. Tristin you sound like a trooper climbing that hill or whatever. It sounds like it would have been way cool to do. Elder Mackay said that they have a cabin near there and that he has been to Angels Landing. He said it is sweet.

I’m glad you all are doing so well. Keep it up and keep me informed. I love to hear about everything that is going on even though when I email I don’t mention it. I love you all and I miss you. Elder Adams is doing just fine so don’t worry about me. Love you Mom Dad Miles Tristin Whit and even Cody and Derek.
Love Elder Adams

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