Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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My Family,
Okay so this week was pretty epic, and it has absolutely nothing to do with missionary work. It was Elder Mortensens year mark and because Elder Katoa is a Tongan we bought a huge pig for a feast. Elder Katoa killed the big with a stick and a tiny pocket knife, that guy is crazy. Then we cleaned it and gutted it, threw it on a stick and cooked it over a fire that we made behind our place. It took about three hours to cook, and the whole time we had to stand there and rotate the pig so that it cooked nicely. Then we brought it in the house and set it on the table (we even had palm leaves for the full affect to set on the table) and then we chomped for a solid hour. In all we had a lot of pineapple, a lot of yam, and stew and lots of minerals(soda pop) and the pig. It fed about 10 of us. It was so goooood!!!!!! It was the first time we have had a lot of meat so we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. It was awesome. I want to do it when I go home cuz it is so sweet!

Okay, so as for missionary related activities this week I went to the specialized leadership training where ZL and DL were instructed by President on how to improve our teaching skills and leadership abilities. We talked a lot about being a good leader and how we need to raise ourselves to a higher level of obedience and discipline, and how we need to work extra hard so that the other missionaries will have a good example to look to. The rest of the time we discussed about how to recognize and follow the spirit and how to invite someone to be baptized in the very first lesson. It was very interesting. It is actually a world wide thing that they are doing with every mission. But we learned a lot of cool and stuff and then we did some role play. Something that I never truly understood was that the spirit can guide us and lead us even when we are doing role play and practicing together. It sounds crazy but that is what the 12 have said, and when we practiced together in certain situations I was actually lead by the spirit to address a certain concern or to say something that I never would have thought of. The spirit is difficult to recognize sometimes, and it was so cool, you can actually practice learning how to recognize it. Then at the very end we went through 3 Nephi 11 together and talked about the doctrine of Christ. I never realized just how much is really in that chapter about baptism. It is interesting that the very 1st thing Christ teaches is baptism when he appears to the Nephites and it is also interesting to note that there are only 2 other times where Heavenly Father introduced his son and you heard his voice (to Joseph Smith and when Christ was baptized) One other thing that is interesting is to look and see when Christ repeats himself. If he does that it must be important. I don't know it was an interesting training, but a real eye opener. So that is just a small taste of how those training meeting go if that helps at all.

So this week we put into practice some of the things that I learned from the training. And it sure did help. We asked our investigator named Belinda Eghan that I told you about to commit to be baptized, and without any hesitation she said yes! It was the most confident I have ever heard anyone agree to be baptized. She is totally ready. I am 100 percent sure that she will be baptized in 2 weeks. We are looking forward to that. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Oh and she talks in the exact same voice that Whitney always talks in, that annoying baby voice haha, totally reminded me of that the first time I heard her speak. As for the orphanages and stuff like that I really don't know. You have to understand that I am in a poor fishing village practically isolated from the entire world and I don't know anything about adoptions or AIDS. The only thing I hear about is when the fishing is good, or when it sucks, ha. But I will try and do some research this week and ask about it, I am sure I will be able to find out something. I will ask Brother Pratt in the ward, we’re tight and he would probably know. Bro Pratt has applied to go to BYU and will be going I think around the time that I come home, so you will probably get to meet him because I will definitely want to see him. Just a little heads up. Well church this week wasn't very good, we had 18 people total at sacrament meeting. We had a huge thunder storm Sat night and Sun morning so nobody came to church. It was pretty bad. I did confirm one of our recent converts on Sunday so that was sweet, his name is Jacob he’s a stud. This week is Stake conference and some of our investigators will receive that Melchizedek priesthood so that will be awesome and we also have Zone Conference tomorrow. Gunna be a good week. Well I am not sure what else to write. I know I am leaving out all kinds of things, so just go read Elder Browns blog he types really fast and he loves writing so it will have a lot more stuff I am sure. I love you all and thanks for all the emails this week. I knew if I said something you would all write. Thanks a bunch and I am glad you are all doing well. Take care until next week.
Much love,
Elder Adams

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My Family,
Well it has been an exciting week and a very good one at that. To start things of we got a new missionary in the apartment one of my MTC mates. His name is Elder Katoa and he is from Tonga. He came on his mission and he couldn't speak English at all, but now he is doing really well and can speak it well enough to hold an okay conversation. I still have a hard time understanding some words he says though. He is pretty big, but not fat, just ripped and cut out of his mind. Them Polynesians are so dang strong. He played rugby back home. And he is a pretty intimidating guy. But man all Polynesians are the happiest most exciting people to be around. Its gunna be sweet having him in the apartment. We are gunna buy some pigs, kill em, and cook them ourselves too with his help. I will let you know how that goes. I am pretty excited about that.

Another interesting thing that has happened this week is I got ring worm all over my right arm and a HUGE boil also on the same arm. Last night the boil was getting painful so I poked it with a needle and a massive amount of puss came out! So sweet! If you watch the biggest zit on utube you will have an idea. Then I did the same thing this morning. But now my arm swelled up and it just looks like a have one huge arm that’s ripped ha-ha. But it doesn’t hurt anymore so its all good. It’s pretty common to get. I think it is because of how much we sweat or something I don't know.

Okay now a story about one of our investigators. We are currently teaching an 18 year old girl who is really powerful Belinda Eghan and she has some uncles who are members. She has been coming to church the past 3 weeks and she is solid. Okay now Wednesday morning we picked a car to go to Moree from our apartment In the trotro we met a man from Accra who was a member, and he was also going to Moree. He was all excited when he met us, which we didn't understand cuz he was a member. He said he was going to paint his family house and then dedicate it. He told us he was praying to find the missionaries on the way so that they could help him to do it. Okay so we bought that. When we got to Moree junction we picked another taxi and then we drove together to his family house. To our surprise we pulled right up to the house that Belinda lives in with her old grandmother. I thought at first maybe it was just her uncle, but when I asked Belinda if he was just just glared at me and said that she hated him. Right then I knew we had gotten ourselves in a pickle. We followed the man into the house and immediately the guy started pushing the old woman and threw her out the front door. But the old lady wasn't gunna give up that easy. She came back and again the guy shoved her really hard and threw her out again and locked the door. Meanwhile Belinda was just staring at us through the window. It was the most awkward feeling ever. So then the guy called the cops to come, and that is when we decided we needed to leave. So we said we had an appointment and we bailed before we got involved. So the story is.... The guy owns the house according to him, and lets them stay there, and according to Belinda they own half of the house. So now she might be mad at us, but we met her afterward and everything seems to be okay. Haha it was crazy, our investigator thought that we came to kick her out on the street. And the guy we went with from Accra wasn't what I would call a kind Latter-Day Saint. So there is a small story for ya.

Now the home teaching is going well. They showed me a sheet on Sunday and all of our recent converts have home teachers, and most of them have home teaching assignments along with the members. So we are making progress and hopefully before I go we have a good program up and running, at least that is my home. We are taking a lot more of our time going with people to home teach and taking the various church leaders out on splits with us. Things are looking good. As far as teaching in church we don't really have to ever stand up and correct any false doctrine or anything like that. The leaders pretty much understand how everything works. Home teaching is kind of the only thing we have ever helped a lot with.

Sunday we watched conference in church. The tapes from Salt Lake finally came in. So we watched conference for about 5 hours and finished Saturday and then some of Sunday I think. Overall my favorite was Elder Gong. I don't know why but I really liked that guy and his talk. He seems way awesome. But other than that it was really really good. President Monson might be getting a little old, he was a little off on his jokes this time around I thought haha, but he gave some good talks. I really want you to send me the conference on cd so that I can listen to it and follow along in the Liahona. It is really sweet that way.
Our recent converts are all doing really well. I think out of all the people I have baptized only 1 is less active, and that is because his girlfriend who is a member dumped him and now he won’t come back because she is there. It’s too bad, but the rest are doing really good. Andrew Aikins is going to be put in the Elders Quorum right after he receives the Melchizedek Priesthood in 2 weeks. He has only been baptized for 1 month about and he was interpreting what the Apostles we saying in conference into Fante in church. Man I know I talk about that guy all the time but he really is just awesome. It is still fishing season in Moree so a lot of our recent-converts have traveled for fishing. I think right now we are getting a little over 100 poeple at church a week, but after fishing sometimes we can get as many as 140 or 150. Right now our teaching pool is pretty small because we have been having baptisms and working on other things more than normal, so this past week we worked on finding some new investigators. We met a man named Kofi Akwon and he is an interesting character. He invited is into his house and he had teachings of the prophet for almost every prophet, Book of Mormon, D & C, Gospel Principles, and all kinds of stuff. He said that his religion is called Yoga! Whatever that means. He seems to know a lot so it should be fun teaching him, but I am not to sure how he will accept it. I hope he takes it well. Other than him and Belinda we are teaching a carpenter, a random woman, and then a few students that Andrew Aikins teaches. So things are a little slow but we are still making progress okay.

Today we just got done playing basketball for our P Day. The court was okay, wooden hoops, really sucky rims and puddles all over the court because it rained this morning. But it was a lot of fun. It was only the second time that I have played on my mission. And boy do I suck!!! I can't imagine how sucky I will be by the time I go home haha. But it was fun.

Well that about raps things up for the week. Another gone and they keep going faster. Well I really don't know what you should send me for Christmas because really I don't need anything but here are a few ideas.

Something I do want is MOTAB cds with Christmas music, anything that isn't church songs, but it has to be MOTAB, mission rule. Stationary for letters and some more stamps I am almost out. Church Dvds like I said before. They are really good for baptisms and family home evening but they don't have any to really buy here that I want. Scripture Markers. The ones I brought are finished. Mapleline or whatever. It is good to make syrup for pancakes. I want a really good but small camera case that I can latch onto my belt to proselyte with, but my camera is still doing okay so I don;t really need a new one. Im out of vitamins. And some hydroxycut because I am so fat. haha jk

I think that is really all I can come up with. Well it sounds like you are all doing really well and all is good. Haven’t heard from Tris or Whit for a while how are they? China sounds pretty sweet! That’s a really cool story about the temple blocks being built by them. It is a stepping stool that’s for sure. Well it is nice to hear how you are doing and all. I am doing great and just trying to enjoy everyday of my mission no matter what happens. And so far I love it and I have had a blast. The people here are so awesome. I have truly fallen in love with the people and it just makes the work that much better. I know that the church is true, and it has been such a testimony builder to witness it in a far away land and see that it is just the same. It is the Lords kingdom. And I am so thankful to be apart of it and sharing it with the African People.

I love mom, dad, miles, whit, tris, derek, and cody. And that’s not in any particular order. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again next week.
Elder Adams

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 1, 2010

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(I just posted Garrett's last 3 letters)
Adams Family,

Sorry the power just went out in town as I was about to send my email to you. So because I am limited on time this will be relatively short. But it was a great week. We just received transfer news and I am staying in good ol Moree for another 6 weeks. I am still companions with Elder Brown which I am super excited about. The past while has been a blast. And the new Elder that is coming to my apartment to join Elder Mortensen is a Tongan Elder, and he is my MT, his name is Elder Katoa and he is the coolest dude ever. I am so stoked that I am staying just because of that, but also for many other reasons.

Well this week we had the privilege of also being with a seventy named Elder Ahadgi. Crazy how things worked out for both Jeff and me in the same week. What’s even crazier is we met while we were proselyting. He is over the Nigerian area. He is the contractor on the new chapel and we were able to meet with him late one night at the chapel sight and we ended up talking for about an hour and 15 min. I didn’t even know who he was when I first saw him. It was one of the sweetest experiences I have had. We seriously talked about everything from where the next temple in Africa will be, to his conversion story. He even gave us a little doctrine. He told us to read 1 Nephi 1 and compare the story of Lehi to the story of Joseph Smith and then see the comparisons of how God calls prophets to restore his gospel. It was sweet you should try it too. Elder Ahadgi is one of the nicest men I have ever met in my life and it was a night I will never forget.

This week we also went farming way out in the bush and were able to see a white mans house who is a huge drug trafficker of cocaine. But unfortunately we didn't get to see the cocaine fields or anything like that. But I know that man will never be caught because it is in the middle of absolutely no where. We also had a baptism this week and it went well. We had to do it at the beach which was fun because the whole town of Yamornasa has been out of water the past 3 days. That's a whole other story. We baptized a 21 year old man who is dating one of our strongest members. He is a real stud and he owns his own barber shop and cuts our hair every week. It’s pretty sweet too because they cut it all African like with straight edges and stuff haha. But anyway he has a very powerful testimony and when the ZL interviewed him they said you don’t have to worry about this guy, he will never fall away from the church. But he is the only guy that we baptized this week.

Now to the water. Our area has been out of water since Friday. We have been fetching water from one of the couple missionaries in our town who had a special supply. Man I tell you if I had to fetch water to take a shower or to wash the dishes everyday of my life I wouldn't only be the strongest man alive but the most humble too, because it really makes you realize how much we have. So we ran out of water last night and had no drinking water or water to go to the bathroom or shower or anything. It’s been a fun past few days, but they just fixed the water line a few hours ago so we should be back to normal.

Dad I got the email and it was very helpful and it will surely bless the ward if they get their home teaching going well. I feel like that might be why I am still in Moree, because the lord still has things that he wants me to do there, I KNOW he does. So I am excited to be here for the next 6 weeks and continue to serve in the area. Man this next transfer is going to be sweet and I can’t wait. I am really excited for Jefferey (Hendrix) to be heading off so soon. I can’t wait to be able to hear how he does. It truly will be the greatest blessing and learning experience we can ever have as young men. Well it’s been a fun adventure the past week and I’m sure we will have more to tell next week. I know that the church is true. I love you all and I can’t wait to hear from you next week. Oh, and Dad I will remember that you said you would take me to China!!!! I also got the package this week with the cards so thank you very much and the package was really sweet and we watched the Priesthood session of conference today, it’s the only part we have seen so far. It was really good.

Love Elder Adams

October 25, 2010

Well another week gone. Time goes by so fast. Transfers are next week and I have a feeling that I am going, but really I have no idea. I have been in my first area for 9 months now, and I kind of want to get out and see what else there is in this place, but at the same time I love my area and can't think of serving anywhere else. So it will be exciting to see what happens. Really I don't care, it's all the same great work. Well this week was sweet. We met a less active women who claims to be one of the pioneers and we went to her farm and weeded for about 3 hours in the morning with my cutlass in hand. It was sweet. Talk about going to the bush! In every direction it’s just green, its pretty crazy. The women says that she knows the church is true but that she can't come back because now she is a member of another church. Man sometimes people just don't get it. It just makes no sense in my head, but I guess we are privileged to know what we do. I need to be more understanding. I think what we are teaching people sounds pretty ridiculous sometimes to. Our recent convert named Andrew Aikins is the most powerful man ever. This week we learned that he fasted for 3 days straight the week after his baptism. He missed an appointment and he said that he had gone out to find a place where he could pray in peace. And he lost track of time. He said he prayed for a greater understanding of what his baptism really means now and to strengthen his spirit. Seriously just baptizing him has made my whole mission worth while. He is going places, it’s so sweet. D & C 18: 15 is so true! That's why it is my scripture.

Oh and one thing that I could use some help with is home teaching and how that all works and how you guys do it. We had a meeting with the Bishopric this week and they straight up told us that they didn't know how to set it up and that the ward has no home teaching program at all. They want us to help them to put it into practice and basically set it up for them and then show them how to run it. I got them all preach my gospels to and this Sunday we are supposed to teach the ward council and the Bishopric all about it and make sure it works. The last 9 months I haven't done much about it because I made sure to never step on bishops toes, but now he has come to us and we have a really good relationship. I know small about it but help me out. Other than that not much from the teaching stand point. And nothing I can really think of out of the ordinary. But this week I have done a lot of pondering and thinking, really about everything. Sometimes I just stop and think that I should be so much farther along in my spiritual growth and knowledge of the gospel. I mean I have been here 9 months and I still feel like a small boy. I have always just thought missionaries knew everything. So not true in my case. Everyone thinks that Elder Brown is training me haha. I also think a lot about you guys. I honestly don't get homesick, I am just not that kind of guy, I love the adventure and all that mission brings. I don't know if I'll ever want to go home. But this week I feel like I am finally starting to see what it would be like to be together forever. I don't know about you but heaven would not be heaven without your family. It could be the most glorious and wonderful place but without you guys it wouldn't be heaven. It's that simple. Anyways, that's just why this gospel is so wonderful. I KNOW THAT ITS TRUE! I would never be convinced otherwise! Guys I am loving the mission. It's so sweet to be able to just learn about the gospel all day, everyday. There is so much we can learn and we should never be satisfied. I love you all so much and I am lucky to have such a wonderful family and parents. Take care and I love you.

Elder Adams
Okay packages.... Send bearcreek soups. Send scripture markers. New flip flops. oh and shoe goo stuff. One of my pairs is dying. I want you to send all the church videos possible that I can use to
teach with except the testaments. I have that one. And Mormon tab cds. That’s all we can listen to. And anything else that your little heart desires. Love you

October 18, 2010

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Updates occur every 1440 minutes.


Well another week has come and gone. This week was a stressful week. We had a baptism this Saturday so we prepared the 6 people for baptism, everything was going smoothly, then Saturday comes around. We round everyone up for the baptism and we all go to the chapel where are Bishop is supposed to have a trotro waiting to take all of us to the chapel in the next town to do the baptism. Well are Bishop went to Northern Ghana and wasn't even there like he said he would be the day before. And he told our 1st Counselor to get everything together. He was at school taking tests, so he couldn't come and the 2nd Counselor was at a funeral. So we had nobody from the Bishopric to preside like we had planned a week before. And to make things better we had no money on us because we got new sub this week. I only had 1 cedi. So we had no money and 22 people that we had to somehow get to the next town to do the baptism. And they all looked at us like what the crap! I was stressed. Luckily we found a taxi driver who was willing to let us pay him the next day. So he took a few trips and we crammed like 10 people in a 5 person taxi, very hectic. Then we get to the chapel and we don't have keys because we don't have anyone from the bishopric. So we found someone from the ward there and luckily we got a key. So we got everyone in and dressed and ready. We had our Elders Quorum President preside conduct and do the baptizing haha. We had some few talks, and then called it good. Then when the baptism was over we still had to find a way for everyone to get home because they have no money and we have no money, but we found a way, or at least God did. The service was good, but everything leading up to was not fun, but now that I look back on it I just laugh. Sunday, however, was the complete opposite. Everyone showed up to the chapel on time for their confirmations. Then everyone was interviewed that could receive the priesthood and they received it this Sunday which was awesome. And we baptized the teacher who is a powerful man. I can see him being the Bishop or something when they split the ward very soon. I’m excited to see what calling he receives. He will be a great strength to the ward. So we went from a crazy hectic baptism to a very calm and peaceful Sunday. It was a relief.

Other than that this week was pretty normal. One thing that was cool was we got to greet a Sister missionary who returned home toMoree from the Accra mission. It was weird, a taxi pulled up to where we were standing and out got a girl with her tag on. We were like what the heck. So we helped her carry her bags up a mountain to her house. It was cool, we talked for like an hour about her mission and all kinds of stuff. I felt bad though because there was nobody there to meet her or welcome her home. Just us, and that was only luck. But she was a very sweet girl and a really good missionary. It was a cool experience.

I really like what you said to do with the recent converts and stuff. I will try and come up with a way to do it and not step on Bishops toes. But I really like the idea. Other than that everything is going good. It was a fun and exciting week and the work is going really good. I have been praying my whole mission everyday for investigators to be placed in our path who are future leaders and who can help build up our ward that is relatively new. Right now we have baptized 2 and we are teaching 4. I am so excited and I love teaching them. The Lord has really answered our prayers. It’s really been a test of patience and trust but he has once again come through and blessed us greatly. It’s so sweet to see how he does his work. It really is amazing and everyday I see and notice something new, I see his hand in the work constantly. It is his work, and he does it well, I am so glad to be a part of it and have these wonderful experiences. Nothing can compare.

I think that is so crazy what happened to Billy (Sorensen) on his way home. Man I hope I have a sweet story like that or something crazy happen to me. I probably already have I just don't realize it. Anyway I am thankful to have wonderful parents and a wonderful family. I am loving my mission and all that it brings. You guys have no idea how sweet it really is. Well I love you and can't wait to hear from you next week.
Love Elder Adams