Saturday, November 6, 2010

October 25, 2010

Well another week gone. Time goes by so fast. Transfers are next week and I have a feeling that I am going, but really I have no idea. I have been in my first area for 9 months now, and I kind of want to get out and see what else there is in this place, but at the same time I love my area and can't think of serving anywhere else. So it will be exciting to see what happens. Really I don't care, it's all the same great work. Well this week was sweet. We met a less active women who claims to be one of the pioneers and we went to her farm and weeded for about 3 hours in the morning with my cutlass in hand. It was sweet. Talk about going to the bush! In every direction it’s just green, its pretty crazy. The women says that she knows the church is true but that she can't come back because now she is a member of another church. Man sometimes people just don't get it. It just makes no sense in my head, but I guess we are privileged to know what we do. I need to be more understanding. I think what we are teaching people sounds pretty ridiculous sometimes to. Our recent convert named Andrew Aikins is the most powerful man ever. This week we learned that he fasted for 3 days straight the week after his baptism. He missed an appointment and he said that he had gone out to find a place where he could pray in peace. And he lost track of time. He said he prayed for a greater understanding of what his baptism really means now and to strengthen his spirit. Seriously just baptizing him has made my whole mission worth while. He is going places, it’s so sweet. D & C 18: 15 is so true! That's why it is my scripture.

Oh and one thing that I could use some help with is home teaching and how that all works and how you guys do it. We had a meeting with the Bishopric this week and they straight up told us that they didn't know how to set it up and that the ward has no home teaching program at all. They want us to help them to put it into practice and basically set it up for them and then show them how to run it. I got them all preach my gospels to and this Sunday we are supposed to teach the ward council and the Bishopric all about it and make sure it works. The last 9 months I haven't done much about it because I made sure to never step on bishops toes, but now he has come to us and we have a really good relationship. I know small about it but help me out. Other than that not much from the teaching stand point. And nothing I can really think of out of the ordinary. But this week I have done a lot of pondering and thinking, really about everything. Sometimes I just stop and think that I should be so much farther along in my spiritual growth and knowledge of the gospel. I mean I have been here 9 months and I still feel like a small boy. I have always just thought missionaries knew everything. So not true in my case. Everyone thinks that Elder Brown is training me haha. I also think a lot about you guys. I honestly don't get homesick, I am just not that kind of guy, I love the adventure and all that mission brings. I don't know if I'll ever want to go home. But this week I feel like I am finally starting to see what it would be like to be together forever. I don't know about you but heaven would not be heaven without your family. It could be the most glorious and wonderful place but without you guys it wouldn't be heaven. It's that simple. Anyways, that's just why this gospel is so wonderful. I KNOW THAT ITS TRUE! I would never be convinced otherwise! Guys I am loving the mission. It's so sweet to be able to just learn about the gospel all day, everyday. There is so much we can learn and we should never be satisfied. I love you all so much and I am lucky to have such a wonderful family and parents. Take care and I love you.

Elder Adams
Okay packages.... Send bearcreek soups. Send scripture markers. New flip flops. oh and shoe goo stuff. One of my pairs is dying. I want you to send all the church videos possible that I can use to
teach with except the testaments. I have that one. And Mormon tab cds. That’s all we can listen to. And anything else that your little heart desires. Love you

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