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October 18, 2010

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Well another week has come and gone. This week was a stressful week. We had a baptism this Saturday so we prepared the 6 people for baptism, everything was going smoothly, then Saturday comes around. We round everyone up for the baptism and we all go to the chapel where are Bishop is supposed to have a trotro waiting to take all of us to the chapel in the next town to do the baptism. Well are Bishop went to Northern Ghana and wasn't even there like he said he would be the day before. And he told our 1st Counselor to get everything together. He was at school taking tests, so he couldn't come and the 2nd Counselor was at a funeral. So we had nobody from the Bishopric to preside like we had planned a week before. And to make things better we had no money on us because we got new sub this week. I only had 1 cedi. So we had no money and 22 people that we had to somehow get to the next town to do the baptism. And they all looked at us like what the crap! I was stressed. Luckily we found a taxi driver who was willing to let us pay him the next day. So he took a few trips and we crammed like 10 people in a 5 person taxi, very hectic. Then we get to the chapel and we don't have keys because we don't have anyone from the bishopric. So we found someone from the ward there and luckily we got a key. So we got everyone in and dressed and ready. We had our Elders Quorum President preside conduct and do the baptizing haha. We had some few talks, and then called it good. Then when the baptism was over we still had to find a way for everyone to get home because they have no money and we have no money, but we found a way, or at least God did. The service was good, but everything leading up to was not fun, but now that I look back on it I just laugh. Sunday, however, was the complete opposite. Everyone showed up to the chapel on time for their confirmations. Then everyone was interviewed that could receive the priesthood and they received it this Sunday which was awesome. And we baptized the teacher who is a powerful man. I can see him being the Bishop or something when they split the ward very soon. I’m excited to see what calling he receives. He will be a great strength to the ward. So we went from a crazy hectic baptism to a very calm and peaceful Sunday. It was a relief.

Other than that this week was pretty normal. One thing that was cool was we got to greet a Sister missionary who returned home toMoree from the Accra mission. It was weird, a taxi pulled up to where we were standing and out got a girl with her tag on. We were like what the heck. So we helped her carry her bags up a mountain to her house. It was cool, we talked for like an hour about her mission and all kinds of stuff. I felt bad though because there was nobody there to meet her or welcome her home. Just us, and that was only luck. But she was a very sweet girl and a really good missionary. It was a cool experience.

I really like what you said to do with the recent converts and stuff. I will try and come up with a way to do it and not step on Bishops toes. But I really like the idea. Other than that everything is going good. It was a fun and exciting week and the work is going really good. I have been praying my whole mission everyday for investigators to be placed in our path who are future leaders and who can help build up our ward that is relatively new. Right now we have baptized 2 and we are teaching 4. I am so excited and I love teaching them. The Lord has really answered our prayers. It’s really been a test of patience and trust but he has once again come through and blessed us greatly. It’s so sweet to see how he does his work. It really is amazing and everyday I see and notice something new, I see his hand in the work constantly. It is his work, and he does it well, I am so glad to be a part of it and have these wonderful experiences. Nothing can compare.

I think that is so crazy what happened to Billy (Sorensen) on his way home. Man I hope I have a sweet story like that or something crazy happen to me. I probably already have I just don't realize it. Anyway I am thankful to have wonderful parents and a wonderful family. I am loving my mission and all that it brings. You guys have no idea how sweet it really is. Well I love you and can't wait to hear from you next week.
Love Elder Adams

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