Tuesday, April 27, 2010

e-mail 4-26-2010

Da Family
Well, another week down the drain like that. It goes by so fast. Anyway this week was a good week. We worked hard this week to make up for all of the time that we missed because I was sick. We did work. It was by far the most successful week we have had. We taught 54 lessons. The week has been stressful trying to prepare everyone and get things ready for the baptism this Sunday. Yes, we will be having the baptism at the beach this week and I think I will be doing the baptisms. It should be a sweet experience. We are baptizing two little girls who should have been child of record baptisms, but the records here in Africa are not very good so we get to do it now that they are older than 8. It’s a big problem having to re-baptize people all the time. We are also baptizing a 23 year old fisherman, a husband of a women that we reactivated when I first got here, and a 14 year old boy whose family are all members. After church on Sunday we will walk with the ward to the beach and do the baptisms. It is gonna be sweet.

There are some way cool missionaries in this mission. This week we went on splits with our zone leaders. They are tight, both from Utah (Elder Hill and Elder Strong). On Friday night we had 7 white boys in our apartment and only one African. Which never, ever happens. It was a fun night chillin with a bunch of cool dudes. I'm gunna have some tight buddies when I get home.

Saturday was by far the best day this week. It rained almost the whole day. And when it rains here it really rains. It ain’t like back home, it’s more like flash flood status. Anyway, my companion and I decided we would have some fun so we played in the rain with a bunch of little African kids. We were dunking them in the buckets full of water, standing under the rain gutters, and watching the little kids break dance. I would have thrown in a few sick moves but I would have embarrassed myself. We took some sweet pics of it so I will send those sometime soon with the rest on a cd. I pounded some fufu yesterday for the 1st time. I got some nice blisters and stuff all over my hands. Pounding is not easy to do. I was tired after and the women just make it look like it is so easy. The women are beasts. They could seriously beat the crap out of me. They are tough.

Our ward here is sweet. Our Bishop is a very good Bishop, and we have pretty good leadership as well. The problem that they have here a lot with the Bishops is that after every meeting they will stand up and chastise the people or tell them what they need to do better. Which to an extent is okay, except they do it every single week, and eventually the people just tune out the Bishop. Then the people don’t listen to the Bishop and he loses his ability to lead. That is an issue in Ghana, but not so much in my ward.

Me and Elder Mackay are enjoying. Its nice to be with a white boy from back home. He is in love with music, and well if you know me very well I can’t really sing or anything like that. He is always talking about artists and songs and stuff and I just nod my head because I have no idea what he is talking about. We talk about sports and stuff like that a lot of the time, we both know a lot about sports. But anyway we get along, I love the kid.

So about the phone call. Yeah I will call you on the cell if you want me to. It’s no problem. We don’t have a phone in the apartment we just have cellular phones. But we might use a members phone to call, and just buy the minutes. Oh yeah, to answer your Question about the malaria, usually the white boys get it more. I don’t use repellent or anything I just pray, and hope I don’t get it. The package I got was perfect. I didn’t have to pay any money, so your doing well. We had a soccer game today, and I was the goal keeper. They scored 3 times on me. Yeah I suck. But we won 4 to 3. I think I don’t like it much. I changed my mind.

Ayway, tell Miles that I love him too and that he better send his brother something. I love you guys. Thanks for everything. Sounds like you’re all doing great. I will talk to ya later. Love you
Elder Adams

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