Tuesday, April 20, 2010

E-mail 4-19-2010

The Family,
This week went much better than the previous. I did get sick a little bit on Thursday again. I had a fever of 102.6 but nothing serious. Basically nothing. Other than that this week was great. It was nice to get back out and be able to see our investigators. I really missed them. We have a baptism coming up on May 2 and should have at least 6 or 7 baptisms among the ward and our investigators. It should be sweet. We are trying to prepare quickly because I was sick for over a week so we lost time. We have one family that we activated the mother who had not come to church for years, and we are now going to baptize her husband. They have two little kids who are so cute. It is my favorite family to teach. We are hoping everything will go as planned. We are going to baptize a young man about 23 who only speaks Fante as well. When we meet with him we need a translator because we can’t speak Fante. He has had a rough past but his brothers recently left for missions and now he is doing very well. I have been able to see a big change in his life already. The church is true that’s for sure.

It was nice to be back, but then its like you are starting over. You have to get back into the teaching and learn how to block out all the naked men and women that are walking around and breast feeding during the lessons. It is difficult to do sometimes. The environment that we teach in is not exactly the best choice. But I still love it somehow.

This week was extra special for me. I was able to use my priesthood power to give a blessing for the 1st time. After church Bishop asked me and Elder Mackay to give three young boys priesthood blessings. I was so nervous and was scared that I would mess up. But I went ahead and did it with the extra support of my companion. I did just fine and everything just seemed to flow. It was one of the greatest experiences. It was cool to really see how the spirit helps you to remember things when you need them. It really set the tone for the rest of the Sabbath and the day was sweet.

The Malaria is gone now for good, at least until I get it again. It wasn’t as bad as I may have made it sound but it is a lot worse than a normal sickness. But really nothing to worry about it will just come and go.
Im glad to hear that you put in for deer and big game tags again. We haven’t gotten any for a long time. It would be sweet if you guys could get a deer this year. If grandpa got an antelope that would be even better. Make sure and get some pic of that stuff later and send it. I’m glad that you liked the stuff I sent you mother. I would send you more for Mothers Day, but instead I’ll just call you. I will call home around 1:30 then so that Dad can be there. That’s all you need to know I can do the rest. I will call the house around then. It says we shouldn’t talk to long somewhere in the handbook, but we can worry about that when the time comes.

Dad I am glad to hear the business is doing well and that you had a good trip to Montana. Mom, sounds like you were really on your horse when the dog got after ya. I did laugh pretty hard. Well everything is going great. I love Elder Mackay and we are loving serving together, at least I am. He might be faking it but it acts like he likes me anyway. It’s awesome and I love the people here with my whole heart. They have strong testimonies. Well the church is true. I know that. I love you all so much. I know that too. Love ya,
Love Elder Adams

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  1. Man I just love reading his Letters!! What an amazing missionary! Good Job Elaine and Mont!