Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E-mails to Family

This week was a pretty good week. We had a baptism on Saturday that went very well. We baptized 5 investigators, and we already accomplished the goal that we have for the World Cup. It was a cheap way to do it though, so we are going to accomplish it again. We were meeting with one of our baptismal candidates on Friday. After we finished the lesson we asked her if she had any referrals for us because the world cup was on, and we need to find someone during that time to baptize. She pointed to a small girl 11 years old. We found out that it was her younger sister and that she too needed to be baptized. The parents have both been sealed in the temple and so we interviewed her on Saturday before the baptism, and then baptized her right afterward. It accomplished the goal that doesn’t even end until September 20 something. And it is only 9 days into the goal. It is a pretty cheap way to do it so we are going to try and accomplish it again. But it was pretty sweet. The baptism went very well. We had like 50 people there and most us the missionaries and President. We had a joined baptism with the Saunders and all in all there was like 10 people being baptized. It was very sweet and well organized. We taught a sweet lesson with Sammy yesterday. It was awesome. We finished up teaching him the Plan of Salvation, and then at the end he bore testimony that it was true. Even bore testimony on tithing, and how when he pays his tithing in his church he always has money, but when he doesn’t he usually suffers that week. Sammy is such a stud. I pray that we can baptize him because he would be a Bishop here in no time.
I had a pretty cool encounter this week with a snake. We saw this snake catch a lizard and just devour it in like seconds. It was awesome. I got some sweet pics of it from like 10 feet away, I didn’t want to get any closer incase it could kill me or something ha. Then these Ghanaians came running out and killed the snake in seconds. They just attacked it with these wooden axe things. Flippin Barbaric!!!! It was so tight.
Well it sounds like everything there is going awesome. I hope that you all enjoy you vacation this weekend. My whole life I never went anywhere outside of the western states. The farthest I ever went was Idaho. And now I am in Africa. The Lord blessed me with that, but now that Miles gets to go to Florida he will probably go to like California on his mission. Ha-ha. Sounds like it will be a fun trip. Everything here is going awesome still and I am with Elder Mackay for at least two more weeks. I will try to get some ties sent home as soon as possible for the bishopric. Thanks for all that you do for me, you are the best. The church is true, and I am grateful to be here in Ghana doing the Lords work. Thanks for getting me out here. It is the best thing I could have ever done. Love you.
Elder Adams

Well I sent the longer letter to dad this week so I will just talk to you about other matters not pertaining to the mission. So the thing with the PAC10 is tight. I want to go to Utah now for sure so look into that. I sure hope that Grandma gets better, that really scares me. I need to see them again. I will pray for her, and give her and granps my best. I was always hoping on getting the Honda when I came home, buying it from you, but I guess that is out of the question.
Ghana is a pretty cool place to be during the World Cup I must say. It is interesting to see. The proselyting during the Cup sucks so badly though. Holy Crap! There is nobody to teach or even contact they are all watching the game. Sounds like Florida is going to be a pretty sweet trip try not to have too much fun. Just so you know I never went east of Utah and never went anywhere cool my whole life, until now :). In my interview with president he told me that I would be staying in my area for a while so I don’t think I will be going anywhere anytime soon. Well have a good week and know that I love you. The gospel is are only way to true happiness, so live it and live it well.
Love you Elder Adams.

What’s up man. It’s been a long time, it’s like you didn’t even know that I was in Africa this whole time, but no worries sometimes I even forget. So how’s life? Sounds like you had a little accident the other day ha-ha,, now you can’t make fun of me but I can make fun of you. HOSA ,what a joke. JK yeah you’re right I should have joined but I wasn’t that smart I guess. I’m pretty jealous that you get to go to Florida, but that is pretty tight. You will be sleeping in a gangster hotel and I will be on a cement floor with a mosquito net. But mine is still better. So how are the ladies? Hopefully you don’t have any and if you do it should be some girl who is an angel. No bad girls!! How’s the golf game? Still rockin it?

Well you guessed it, I’m going to tell you to read and study the scriptures, cuz that is what I wish I would have done. If anything just read the BOM and when you read for understanding not just to read, otherwise it is pointless. And pray every morning and night. You need to make that a habit. Even on my mission it is hard to do sometimes because I never made it a habit. So work on that stuff.
If there is anything cool going that has nothing to do with mission tell me. I get bored sometimes I need some interesting facts and stuff. Okay, well I love ya and thanks for writing little brother. Keep the name strong.
Love Elder Adams
ps. how tall are you?

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