Monday, July 5, 2010

E-mail 6-28-10

Hello from Ghana,
Well this week was definitely interesting. That is all anyone really talks about is the match between the USA. It has actually been petty rough proselyting during the matches, there just isn't a whole lot of work you can do when everyone is glued in front of the TV. Our numbers have gone way down the past few weeks compared to normal. We do a lot of walking and not much teaching. However, it is cool to get to see how the country is responding to their team. The people are so cocky here it is ridiculous. Everyday leading up to the game, anybody that we met with was just talking smack on how it was going to be a repeat and how they were going to finish the US. So of course I dished it right back saying how Ghana didn’t stand a chance and all kinds of stuff like that. I talked way more than I should have. When the match was over I knew that we were in for it on Sunday at church. Well Sunday morning came around. When we got to the chapel in the morning we hadn’t even made it through the door, and as I looked up I saw huge smiles on everyone’s faces, some were holding up fingers indicating the score, others we just shaking their heads, and others would just smile and laugh. It was a rough day. We got a lot of crap. I didn’t phase me at all, personally I am glad that Ghana won, but Elder Mackay wasn’t very happy about it. He loves the US team. So the whole day I was just laughing about what the people were saying to us, but we was getting mad some of the time, haha it was so funny. The sweetest part about the whole game was being able to see everyone celebrate right after the match. I was standing outside on small hill near to our apartment waiting for the last few minutes of the game to finish. The entire town was silent no one to be found anywhere. As soon as the game ended the place went nuts. Out of a tiny little shop about 50 people came running out, and out of every direction people were just flocking together and celebrating. About 5 min after the game there was a group of a few hundred people partying in the street in front of our apartment. It was cool to be able to see the whole thing. I tried to video it but it was to dark and you can’t see anything. The place was loud for the rest of the night.

Today was one of the sweetest P Days. Because none of the missionaries have watched any football President was kind and rented a super sweet football stadium for the day. We had 4 zones come together and played to see who would win it all. We made it to the championship, but lost in a shoot out at the very end. My new position is left defender. It is actually way fun because you just push and knock people over and then kick the ball as hard and as far away from you goal as you can. I’m not goanna lie; I am starting to like soccer again. Today was way fun, and now I have small respect for it. It’s still not my favorite, but its growing on me.

President’s son just finished his mission this week and came straight to Ghana to see them. So he was there to and we got to play for a bit. It was a pretty sweet day the stadium was cool. Well transfers are today and it is another high possibility that I could be getting a new companion, but I am pretty sure I will be staying in the same area. So I find out in just a few hours so well see what happens. Other than that everything is going well. When you get the chance, it’s not important but I would like you to send me the workouts that the people at the Reno Orthopedic clinic gave to me to strengthen my back and shoulders or whatever. The workouts that were supposed to help me get rid of my bad posture and stuff. My back is bothering me small because when ever I am sitting down I hunch over. So look into that please. Hope you understand me. If not ask questions and Ill try to explain. I want you to also tell me about the whole rape story of the missionaries that are in the Ghana Accra mission. We keep on hearing about it but we don’t know much of what really happened, so I am just curious if you know anything. Well other than that not much to tell this week from me. As for you guys it sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. You got this week and then the 4th of July coming up so it sounds pretty fun. Well I love you all and pray for you each and everyday. Ill talk to you guys next week. Much love. GO BLACK STARS!!!!!!!!
Elder Adams

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