Monday, July 26, 2010

I ate "coat" this week.

Wow, it seems like you guys just got out of school the other day, I can’t believe that you are already going back in three weeks. Time really does go by fast. Maybe I will start off by answering your questions this week. (?’s Mom asked are in italics)

What do you do to work out?
I got some legit free weights from Bro. Pratt as a gift that are pretty sweet, so I use those and the other ghetto weights that we have and just do whatever for the first 30 min in the morning. But it doesn’t show one bit.haha.
Do your clothes fit you? I got all my shirts tailored and fitted to my body so now all of my shirts are super tight and if I get any fatter they wont fit me, haha. My pants are a little baggy but not bad.
How are Sammy and his family doing? We haven’t been able to get Sammy and his family to church yet, but we are working on it.
Who is in the photo with you both carrying scriptures? The one in the picture is a young girl 5 years old.
How is Elder Brown liking the food? Me and Elder Brown are getting along really well and he is not picky so he actually eats most of the food, which is nice. I did eat something new this week. I had what they call "coat". It is the skin of a cow haha. It is so gross, but I ate the whole thing. Guess it wasn’t that bad. I don’t think that I have offended anyone my whole mission by not eating their food. I do really good at eating everything that they give me. We are starting to enjoy the African food a lot more too.
Is Elder Brown over the culture shock of Africa? Me and Elder Brown are having a lot more fun. He likes to spend money, so now I have been spending more money than before and buying a few more things. I don’t know if that is good or bad. But I still am good a managing my money.

So you had a ward party for Pioneer Day. Pioneers here are the people who started the church here in Africa. You should get the movie, Pioneers of Africa, and watch that. It will tell you a lot more than what I can tell you and it has a lot of sweet things on it.

This week was pretty sweet I have been going on splits a lot lately with Elder Keller. I went with him three days this week to Moree, so I didn’t get to be with Elder Brown very much this week. He has been in Yamoransa, where we live, and has been teaching a young boy for the new goal, because I have already finished it. So the Elders there are helping us out because they have a kid who needs to be baptized that will accomplish the goal. So they gave it to Elder Brown. But I think we will accomplish the goal at least one or two times together also. It is just a safety plan in case something doesn’t work out. Always gotta have a back up plan.

Right now we are teaching a man whose wife died two days before we taught him. It is so true that the Lord will lead us to those who are ready or he will lead them to us. In this case it happened both ways. A man about 1 month ago came up to me and Elder Brown late one night and told us to come see him. We forgot about it because we couldn’t get a hold of him on the phone. Then this week I felt that we should call him and try to meet him again just cuz. So we did. When I called him on the phone Wednesday he was crying. We went and visited him at his house after we finally found it, and we found his family in mourning, his wife had just died. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation a few times this week and it brought him great comfort that he could see his wife again. We are still teaching him and he is doing really well so I will tell you more about that this week. It was awesome to see just how much the Plan of Salvation can comfort someone in time of distress.

It is really cool that dad talked about priesthood blessings is his email. We had a girl at church who really needed a blessing and she wanted us to give it to her. We told her that she needed to have her father give the blessing, and that she would thank us for it later. We went to the father and asked him if he had ever given a blessing. He said no. He hadn’t even been coming to church. We helped him and taught him how to give the blessing. Yes, he had the Priesthood don’t worry. He gave his daughter a blessing and it was one of the coolest experiences to see. The talk that was given this conference about having the father give the blessings in the family is what made me think about having her father do it. It is true that when we need to remember something it comes to us at the right time. It is very important that the father is the one who oversees what takes place in the family and that he is the one to administer to them in time of need. It brings unity and peace to the home and increases the level of love for one another. There is a perfect example in 1 Nephi where Nephi asked his father to pray and ask God where he should go to get food. Nephi knew that he father was murmuring and that it would be a chance for him to repent and change. Nephi could have done it himself but he didn’t. He asked his father to do it.

Anyway it was a great week and we are having lots of success in Moree. I am having wonderful life changing experiences and much much more. I love my mission and thank God everyday that I am here. It is so sweet in every way. I love you guys and pray for you every day. Keep up the good work and never quit. The church is true. I love you all. Take care.

Love Elder Adams

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