Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Email 8-2-10

Hello Everybody,
Well this week was a sweet sweet week. More so because we had a lot of fun. Just so you know I can’t tell really how good the testimonies are here is Ghana cuz they are all in Fante and I still can’t understand very much. Sometimes I will catch a few things here and there. For the most part I think they are pretty good though they keep them nice and simple. Well this week we had a lot of stuff happen that never really happens. At district meeting the Saunders came to ours and they brought us cake and ice cream which was amazing. Problem was that it destroyed my stomach. Oh and last Friday we went to this place that we found that makes burgers, and they taste better than an American burger, I think just cuz I haven’t had one in so long, so we are going there again today to celebrate my 6 months. They are really expensive, but that 20 dollar bill that I received in my package the other day will go to great use haha. Thanks. I went on spilts again a few times this past week with Elder Keller. He is a funny dude. We got one of our investigators who we have only been teaching for a few weeks to commit to be baptized already after only teaching him for a little more than a week. His wife died about 2 days before we taught him and he has fully accepted everything we have taught him so far. The rest of the week up to Saturday was pretty normal proselyting. We had some good lessons. Saturday was sweet because in the morning instead of going prosleyting we went and played football as a zone against some legit football team that had matching uniforms and the whole deal. It was so fun. But we did get our butts kicked and we lost like 5 to 1 or something like that. At half it was tied, but that didn’t last long. After that we got changed and then had interviews with President a few hours later. Interviews this time around were really sweet. Me and President just talked a lot about like the temple and the temple trip coming up, and about training Elder Brown. It was a very uplifting interview. When we returned later that night though there was something that happened which I don’t know and President came to our apartment and Elder Chesa is now being transferred to Kumasi (4 hours away) and now me and Elder Brown and Elder Keller are in a threesome. So far things are going fine, but I think that Elder Keller gets a new companion today so we don’t have to be in a threesome any longer which will be way sweet. Sunday after church we had a lot of people that we wanted to meet with. So I went with our ward mission leader proselyting, Elder Brown went with another ward missionary, and Elder Keller another. So we had three companionships total in Moree at the same time. We did straight work. It was sweet and two of the boys already have their mission calls so we were able to teach them each a few pointers throughout the day. It was a lot of fun. Elder Brown is doing really well. He knows the area already and has no problem teaching the whole lesson. He is a lot farther along than I ever was at this point. I don’t even feel like I am training him any more he already knows everything I do, so now it is just like a normal companionship. The kid is a stud. I taught one guy on Sunday that I didn’t think was all that serious, but turned out that I was completely wrong. He went on to say at the end of the lesson that he had been to like 8 different churches in Moree and that he had stopped going to all of them because he knew that they were all wrong. And then he said that he hoped he can find something in our church. So the next few weeks are going to be flippin sweet and we are going to give this guy everything that he has ever wanted. He just fell right into our hands, and he is already progressing. I am pretty excited. We will be having a baptism here very soon. We could have some way sweet people, but we still have a lot of work to do with some of them. So we will see, but I’m looking forward to it.
So the week was really good, and a lot of fun. The package was really sweet and thanks a lot for the cereal we really enjoyed. That stuff was good. We are still thinking of some ways that we can take some sweet pictures with the jerky and stuff, so maybe next week we will have some sweet pics for that. It sounds like everything back home is going sweet. Miles you have a real job? That’s sweet, but I just don’t see you and Hadley getting a whole lot done haha. Sounds like you are playing some freakin good golf right now that is sweet. Sounds like fishing was sweet in Lake Tahoe Dad. We are still going to Christmas Island when I get home right? haha. Sounds like you’re having a good time. I’m glad to hear that you guys are taking care of Buck. He really is one of my favorites. That’s good. Well sounds like you guys are all doing great. I didn’t have much to share this week from sweet experiences, but I’m still loving every second of being out here. This place is so awesome and the people are so sweet. I have learned more in these last 6 months than I have my whole life. Keep giving me advice and know that I love you all very much. This is the only true church, the only way back, so live the gospel better every day than the day before, and it will all work out. I love you all. Stay strong!!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Adams

ps. for my birthday get creative. :)

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