Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby named after me and Elder Mackay!

Good Morning,
Well mom it sounds like you had a greatttttt week!! Mine was a little different it actually didn't "suck" it was actually really really sweet. We got to do a lot of stuff this week that we usually don't get to do very often. On Tuesday we had a way sweet Zone Conference. The Saunders and the Sabey’s had their families in town so at Zone Conference it was really cool to be able to hear from them and their different missions and all that. Then we had a sweet talk from President Sabey about free agency and the fall and the atonement. Man does that guy know some deep stuff. He taught us some deep doctrine and we had a sweet discussion. I thought you might like this. He even told us about how to be good parents and he named three different categories that parents fall under. He said there is the "Drill Sergeant, the Helicopter, and the Consultant". The drill sergeant is the parent who makes the kid do it his way and no other way, or else be punished. The Helicopter is the parent who hovers over the kid until he makes a mistake and then swoops down and fixes everything, and then goes right back to hovering over the kid waiting for him to mess up again. And the consultant is the one who teaches the kid and explains to him the consequences of our actions and what might happen, and then lets the kid have is free agency to make the right decision and learn. He said that the consultant is the one he wants us to be. Which one are you????? Haha

So zone conference was sweet. Wednesday we found out that they are starting the construction on the new chapel in Moree and that we could be of some help by clearing the land with the ward. I can't even begin to tell you the excitement in the Moree ward right now over getting a new chapel. It will be the nicest building in Moree, and the members were asked to help build it so many of them and some of our investigators will be getting jobs and stuff which is sweet. It will take only 5 months to complete and they will be working 24/6. So Wednesday we went on splits with the new ZL that we just got in Cape Coast from Kumasi and we went and cut down weeds with our cutlasses (sword or knife like a machete) for a few hours. I played some golf with a rusty rake and they helped in causing some blisters. Then the next day we went back and did it again and chopped the crap out of a tree with the cutlasses. By the end of Thursday I had so many blisters on my hands it was ridiculous. I counted like 10. But it was a lot of fun. It was nice to have a break from proselyting. Then on Saturday they had this huge Africa service project day where we went with our wards to hospitals and cleaned up the yards and painted and that kind of thing. We even got to wear the Mormon Helping Hands jerseys that they gave out. It was pretty sweet. Thank goodness for the weekend it gave my hands some time to heal. I need to work on getting African hands and not whimpey white people hands.

Kobe and Georgina had a baby and they named it Mackay Adams Abakah. Thought that was pretty sweet. I might even be asked to bless him in church. It’s so sweet to see our new investigators doing well. Well that about sums up the week. We are having a baptism on the 4th of Sept and there will be 5 people being baptized and we are planning to have even more than that in the near future which should be sweet. Everything is going strong. Elder Brown is doing well. He even scored his first goal in soccer today and we won the tournament so he is sitting high on the mountain right now, might take him a while to come down haha. We are getting along great he is a sweet dude. Oh I almost forgot they are starting a new training thing world wide in the missionary work where anyone who is in a leadership position gets to go to these training meetings all the time. But interviews and ZC have been moved to only every 13 weeks now. So we will see how that change goes. I didn’t have much time to study this week with all these crazy things going on so this is all that I came up with this morning for your talk. Pres Heber J Grant. "if the people will pay their tithes and offerings they will not only be blessed in their material affairs but they will be abundantly blessed with increased outpouring of the spirit of the Lord" This is part of the promise the Lord made through his servant Malachi. The Lord will not only open the windows of heaven and pour down spiritual blessings, but he will also preserve our fruits and vegetables, the labor of our hands, from destruction as well. Malachi 3: 8-12 Concerning our fast offerings, President Marion G Romney said "one of the most important things the Lord has told us to do is to be liberal in our payments of fast offerings. I would like you to know that there are great rewards for doing so- both spiritual and temporal. The Lord says that the efficacy of our prayers depends upon our liberality to the poor". Elder Adams "put yourself in the position of those that are in great need of fast offerings. Think about how fast offerings would affect you and your family if you were in that kind of a situation, and if that doesn’t help you pay a generous fast offering and all that you can pay then something is wrong, and you need to take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror" that’s my own personal advice. That’s all I got so maybe you can use something there. Anyway that is all for this week. I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear back from you again next week. Take care and help the work move forward. I pray for you all everyday and love you more than you know.

Love Elder Adams

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