Sunday, September 5, 2010

e-mail 8-30-10

Mema Wo Ache,

Wow this week did go by really really fast. Well let's get straight to it. This week was a lot of busy work because we have a baptism coming up on Saturday where we are baptizing 5 of our investigators. This baptism should be sweet because we are baptizing another one of the brothers of the two twins who have gone on missions. So now all 4 brothers will be members. We were even working with their mother and she was progressing, until we found out that her husband has 4 wives. And we aren't supposed to encourage families to split even if they are polygamist. So there’s nothing we can really do there. There really isn't anything to spectacular to tell. This week was pretty routine, but it was still a good week. The highlight for me this week was my personal study time. I have been writing down President Holland’s talk that he gave to the mission the day before I entered the field. I was pretty mad that I didn't get to listen to him, so I have taken the recording from the conference that Elder Mackay took and I am putting the whole talk on paper. His talk is 32 pages long!! But it is 32 pages of genius and deep doctrine! I am almost finished with it and when I get done I'm going to be studying that thing papa! I have also been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and trying to memorize the passages of scripture that we use to teach with the most. I swear there is something wrong with my brain because the part that you use for memorization isn't working! haha it really just doesn't work. Something that came to mind pertaining to what you mentioned about your talk dad is this. President Sabey taught us one day that the law of consecration is something that hasn't been done away with, and it will always be around. Everyone who wants to can live the law of consecration for their whole life. Obviously tithing and fast offerings are among. But it can be as simple as sharing your sugar with your neighbor or anything like that. In everything we do we can live the law of consecration to its fullest if we want to. That's something I have learned on my mission. A while ago we decided that we would live it in our apartment. It's actually gone really well. Occasionally it gets a little out of hand when someone receives a package from home with all the best candy and foods, but it's all fun and games haha.

Like I mentioned last week the mission has also taken a big change. We now have Training meetings for all of the leadership positions that missionaries hold in the mission. The first one was this week. On Saturday President taught us a few things about callings and positions in the church. First he said that we are to never aspire for leadership positions in the church. It causes a lot of personal and other problems when we do. 2nd he taught us that we don't speculate in the church. We should never talk about who is going to become what and all of that because it also causes major problems, especially in the mission. President is afraid that now with these training meetings, the missionaries who aren't invited to attend because they are not holding a leadership position, will be offended and that the ones who are invited will think that they are better than everyone else. So that is why this 1st training meeting took place. President is a wise man.

Well that about sums up the week all right there. We just had a good week of good ole proselyting and teaching. Dad on a diet? That is sweet! The older you get the younger you feel, well isn't that nice. I hope that business begins to pick up and that those new products that you are getting are hot buyers. Mom sorry that your in school haha, I don't have to go to school for two years so you can just remember that every time you get sick of it! Miles why didn't you play football this year they are 3A you could have dominated? I haven't received any packages lately, but I’m sure that it is on it's way so no worries. I'm pretty excited for my birthday on my mission, were gunna have an African feast with lots of fufu and light soup! So good! I'm working on sending pictures home, I want to have 400 pictures, and right now I am at 370 so its coming soon. Sorry, I know I really suck at the picture thing. I am pretty stoked that Jeff is going to Atlanta, Georgia for his mission, that's the best news I have heard my whole mission!!!!

Well, I love you all so so much and I always look forward to hearing from you each week. You are the greatest. I will be looking forward to next week and hopefully you have some sweet things to share with me and me with you. Alright enough already. Love you.
Love Elder Adams

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