Saturday, September 25, 2010


The Adams Family,

Well this week was pretty dang good. The Lord is really blessing us and the work in Moree is really improving. We are having another baptism on Sunday, we have 4 more candidates that are ready for baptism. We moved the baptism up a week early because transfers are coming next week and Elder Brown really wants to have a baptism at the beach, in case he gets transferred or something like that happens. It worked out nicely because our baptism candidates are ready anyway. So Sunday we are having another baptism at the beach after church. It should be a lot of fun and a good experience especially for Elder Brown. We have a new investigator that is just a stud and he is accepting everything. His name is Andrew Akens. He has already about finished reading first Nephi. It is the first person I have really taught who is smart that has progressed. I mean I have only taught like 3 people my whole mission who can read. We always look forward to teaching him. It’s a lot of fun.

Oh the new training meetings are for DL ZL and gunna be trainers. So I didn’t go to the training. We just had a short meeting with President over the obedience issue. But for district meeting they went over it all for us and we are doing a lot of things that will improve the work so much. It puts a big emphasis on helping the people to learn how to pray and receive answers to their prayers. It also talks a lot about preparing people for baptism in the very first lesson. Missionaries often shy away from baptism and mentioning it because they are scared that they will scare off the person from investigating. But they have said that it is our purpose and that we need to start our discussions and first few by explaining that we are helping them to prepare for baptism. It is really sweet and we have already seen it work with Andrew Akens. I’m excited for the future training meetings. They really show us how to do the work more effectively.

Well my B Day was pretty awesome. The Saunders brought me over a nice big cake with chocolate frosting the morning of my B Day, which she made with the powdered sugar you sent me. So that came in handy. I actually just gave it to her because she wanted it for something else, and then two months later she made me a cake with it. Pretty good investment. The Saunders always do stuff for me that’s so unexpected. They are pretty much awesome. The couple missionaries we have are so sweet. They also brought me over my packages from you at the same time. So we opened that. Wow you sent some dang good stuff. The mp3 player is already sitting in the mission home. Sorry, we are only allowed to have cd players now with the whole obedience issue. So it will be a nice treat for the plain ride home. I’m not gunna lie I was pretty disappointed, that thing was sweet. So I hope it didn’t cost too much. We actually had an unique personal and companion study that morning. We had a nice one on one tournament with the apartment. Nerf basketball gets pretty intense. We played for like an hour. The evening of my birthday the Pratt’s cooked us a fat African feast. We had fufu and light soup with chicken and fish, we had a bunch of jolof rice, we had banana cakes, somehow the same as banana bread, and then a whole crate of mineral, and some more fried chicken. I have honestly never eaten that much food in my life. They taught us the Polynesian rock. When you are eating you rock back and forth and it moves the food down and it digests faster, and then you can eat like ten times more food. Well we did just that and the rest of the night I couldn't function. But it was so gooooodd!!

So Saturday night we made the rice crispies. Those were so good. We had like 7 missionaries over after the baptism on Saturday and we all ate them. The Africans really loved em. You did well, the b day package was pretty dang good! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was the best birthday I have had in my life. Who would’a thought.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Tomorrow we are having another mission conference and we get to hear from Joseph Satati or whatever his name is, the African member of the seventy from Kenya. It should be pretty bomb so I will probably be mentioning that in my email next week. Well everything is going along so great. I’m loving my area more and more and I really love teaching together with Elder Brown. My son is doing really well. I am so thankful for such a loving and caring family. You guys are the best. Even thousands of miles away you still come through. I love you! I love you! I love you! The church is true and I am so thankful for this opportunity to help the work go forward. Keep the commandments and love everyone around you.

Love you guys,

Elder Adams

Just for future reference.......
Things that would be very useful.
1. Index Cards
2. Short black ankle socks
3. A weighted speed training jump rope

That’s all I can think of.
That’s All :)

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