Saturday, July 24, 2010

E-mail 7-19-10

Dear Family,

This week was an awesome week, but not crazy like the week before. It was one of my favorite on a spiritual sense. Well I’ll come to that. I just wanted to say that my infection or whatever is almost gone now and that I’m healthy as an ox. And, yes don’t worry I told Sister Sabey. Thanks for the update on everyone, sounds like everything is about the same as before. I just want to wish Raegan a happy birthday so that I don’t forget her and and her mother, sorry sis. Still love ya. You can give her a big fat kiss for me as a birthday present. That is really sad about the Buckmasters. You can give them my best. That would be really rough. Thank goodness for the gospel. That is also awesome that they have Rutledge as the new coach for basketball. That’s pretty bomb. Well it sounds like all is going well back home, dad carries guns, Miles has another car he can crash, Whitney has a pretty spiffy job now, moms out of school and loving it, and Tristin and Raegan are celebrating one year! Wow, you really don’t realize how much is going on until you’re not there.

Well this week was pretty sweet. We taught Sammy the other day and he bore his testimony to us about 5 times during the lesson about the Book of Mormon and stuff. I had a pretty sweet experience during that lesson. As I was bearing my testimony about the Book of Mormon, I had a feeling I had never felt before. It seemed different this time than all of the other times I had felt the spirit. It was more. I was completely overcome by the spirit. They always say that at one point in someone’s life they have their conversion story. Well this is mine I think. I always new that the Book of Mormon had to be true, I had prayed about it and felt the spirit before. But this time it was as if someone was really speaking to me telling me the Book is true!! It was as if I was hit over the head and told here is your answer. Now you know for sure. I don’t know I really explain it, I just know 100 percent now that the Book of Mormon is true!

We have also been teaching someone that is going to be able to accomplish the goal for us. We taught him all of lesson one and we’ll see what happens this week. But right now that is really all we have for the new goal. So we need your prayers. I studied the Share But Don’t Compare topic. I found some good stuff in Mosiah 4 and Jacob 2. Where else was there any good scriptures? I’m not sure if I found it. Well I don’t think that I really need anything that I didn’t tell you last week or the week before so go back and look at those emails. Thanks for everything. I just want all of you to know that I know the church is true and that there is no greater thing we can be doing in this life than sharing it with others, so look for every opportunity. Take care and stay strong. I leave you with all my love.

Love Elder Adams

ps. Sorry I have no time to email today we are in a hurry so I will answer all the questions next week. Sorry whit I will email next week I promise, and you to Miles. Thanks for the emails

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