Monday, July 5, 2010

New Companion and now a Trainer

The Adams Family,

Well the past week a lot has happened. More than I think I was ready for...

On Monday night we found out all of the transfer news, and that me and Elder Mackay wound no longer be companions. Elder Mackay was called to be a zone leader in an area called Sekondi, and I have been asked to train and stay in Moree. My new companion is from the Dallas Texas area, and seems like a pretty cool kid. Another white boy. He loves golf and I guess he is really good at it, he played in high school. But once again I have been given a companion who loves to sing. He was in the flippin mens choir at BYU. I don’t know, but I think the Lord is trying to teach me how to sing or something, but it’s getting annoying because I still suck just the same and haven’t seen any improvements. All my companions are super good. But im still trying. It just isn’t my thing. So his name is Elder Brown and he is super smart he took like 6 religion classes at BYU before his mission too, and knows the scriptures better than I do already. SO let’s just say that I feel pretty inadequate to be training Elder Brown. To be training at all!!!

Right now I am still very nervous and really am trying to learn still myself. I just don’t know very much at all and don’t fully understand why I would be called to train so early. When I found out I would be training I immediately started to freak out. I didn’t know what to do, so I just prayed and asked for help. I think I have prayed more in the past few days than I have my whole mission. It’s been a very humbling experience to realize just how much I don’t know, and see how much I thought I knew, but really didn’t. I have a much greater appreciation now of Elder Mackay and all that he did. Well the days that we went out and proselyte went pretty well. The first day I just showed Elder Brown around the area and introduced him to as many people as possible. I seemed a little shocked at first when he saw our area, but it’s totally understandable. The past few days have been okay. We haven’t taught as many lessons as normal, and the area is even slower now than before. So get this. Fishing season just started last week and everyone has gone to sea. All of our investigators who were progressing are now gone, ever single one. So there are no men in the village at all. All of the women now go to the beach and collect the fish, smoke them and then sell them, so there are no women in the house all day long. So the entire town is gone, and everyone still left is super busy with the fishing season. So right now we don’t have a teaching pool at all, and are basically starting from scratch. We have contacted quite a few people during the world cup and so we are now just beginning our new teaching pool. Things are kind of rough right now, but were still working hard. The past few days we have been proselyting for about 10 hours. Yesterday Elder Brown was so tired and hungry that we went back early. I didn’t realize how hard I was working him, so I felt bad. Now I feel that everything that happens in Moree rests solely upon my shoulders so I have been just trying to do as much as I can. They also changed our entire zone around. We had one district and one zone before, but now we have 3 districts within our one zone, and two new areas that have opened up. Our apartment has become a district now, so I have gone from being in a district of about 15 to being in a district of only 4. Our first district meeting will be tomorrow, so we will see how the change goes. SO the biggest news is that our goal to baptize a husband and a wife family is now officially over. Yesterday was the last day. Do you remember how I said that it would be impossible for us to accomplish this goal, and that the only way we could is if it were a miracle? Well we received that miracle we were so desperately needing. We had 31 missionaries or so and only 2 weeks left I think. Last week we had still like 10 or more missionaries and some didn’t even have a promising family to baptize. Yesterday was the last day of the goal, and the last person that needed to accomplish the goal finished. I don’t know all of the details, all I know are that it wasn’t us that accomplished this goal. It was completely impossible for us to do it, it was all the Lord. It has been a crazy experience to witness. Sometimes I feel that this mission runs solely on the faith of President Sabey! Just that man alone does more than all of us missionaries together. It is crazy! I will give you more details on the goal after zone conference. As for the Ghana match everyone was super sad, and nobody wants to talk about it anymore. They all wouldn’t shut up when they beat the USA but now that they lost they won’t say a word. It is actually pretty funny. But I’m super sad that they lost because it would have been so sweet to see how crazy this place would have gone.

Well it sounds like you guys all had a wonderful 4th of July. I bet that was a fun family trip to be able to go to Smith Creek with everyone and do some fly fishing. That sounds super fun. I am also glad to hear that you got a taste of what the weather is like here in Ghana. Not so fun is it haha. I sure hope that grandma gets better. Give her my best and tell her that I love her. I will be praying for her everyday. Did you ever check up on the workouts that I can do for my back to straighten it out? I also need you to send me some Floss things, some sharpie colored pens, and I need an adapter for Africa if you can find one. Also I want to have President Egbert’s address and stuff I want to send him a tie and a letter too. Well I don’t know that I need anything else that I haven’t listed but I will let you know. Thanks for all that you do. Well to sum it all up I am training, I am in a small district, I am freaking out and really trying to do more than I think I know how, but I know that it is all for my good and that it will all be a character building and life changing experience that I can look back on in years to come. I need your prayers more than ever. I love you all and thanks for everything. You are the best. Keep it up and I will let you know how the next week goes. Love you. Keep the faith!
Love Elder Adams.

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