Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Week - Hit by a Taxi, may have shingles!


This week was actually a sweet one. I might have sounded a little worried last week and overreacted, but really everything is totally cool and going along smoothly. This week was awesome. We worked super hard this week, harder than I think I have my whole mission. We're supposed to proselyte for 9 hours a day, but this week we proselyted for 10 or so hours each day, and Sunday for almost 12 hours! I don't know what got into me, but we have found lots of things that we wanted to do in the ward and in the area. And so we got to work on them right away. I am really enjoying training Elder Brown and we are having a lot of fun together as well.

I few things that we have been doing is helping young men become ward missionaries and try to get them to be excited about going on missions. Bishop really wants us to help. We had ward coordination meeting and we got one of the MTC teachers in our ward to talk to them all about a mission and their duties as ward missionaries. We have about 10 boys that we have now begun proselyting with, and we will be having ward coordination meeting every week now. I’m excited. We also went to ward council meeting on Sunday for the first time since I have been here. It was pretty interesting to see, and we are beginning to work more with the leaders of the ward. I think that is going to help a lot.

Zone conference this week was sick. We had more of a mission conference and had six zones meet all together. It was sweet to see my father again (Elder Mackay). We had some sweet instructions and even heard from Pres. Sabeys son. We had everyone meeting together because President was asked to help out with the whole Missionary Rape case in Accra. So he had been gone for a bit helping to work that. At the conference he gave us a big talk about obedience and how all of those things could have been avoided if the missionaries would have been following the rules. Seems like it has boosted the level of obedience in the mission.

I had some interesting things happen this week. I have had what we think is shingles or a staff infection, I don’t know which, in my armpit. It has slowly been growing and getting a little worse everyday. The worst part is that I can’t use deodorant and I freakin smell by the end of the day haha. I feel bad for Elder Brown. I also got hit by a car on Friday. It was funny. I was getting out of a taxi and there was a stopped tro tro right next to the taxi, side by side, but facing opposite directions. Then while I was waiting for Elder Brown the tro tro drove right into me and pinned me between the taxi and the tro tro. The dude was an idiot and I don’t know what he was thinking. Then he just glared at me and sped off ha. I got a nice dead leg and some tire marks on my shoe but that’s all. Luckily I was near the back of the car and slipped out the back. I laughed.

Okay maybe I will tell you about Elder Brown. He has 1 bro and 1 sis. He is the first to go on mission in his family, he enjoys sports a lot, but he also has that smart side and knows like all kinds of just crazy nerdy facts. It’s funny. He eats a ton, but he is super skinny. His dad is a doctor, a ghinacaulogsist (Gynecologist) haha that’s the best I can spell it. Elder Brown is way tight though and I love the kid. We will get along just like me and Elder MacKay.

Oh yeah I also broke my camera lens this week. It still works the shutter just makes really bad noises and doesn’t open up anymore. But I think it will still last for a long time so we’ll see.

Okay so our prime investigator that I have been talking about for the past while named Sammy is still going strong. He has already told us that he knows the church is true and everything. We have had some really powerful lessons with him. We have finished lessons 1 and 2. We started teaching his wife this past week also. She seems not interested, but he still wants us to continue meeting with her so we are doing our best. But Sammy I think could be baptized in the next two months. We are taking things really slow with him. But he is definitely ready.

A few things that are worrying me are well 1. That I am getting really
fat!! Yes I know hard to believe but when all you eat is carbs for every meal that’s what happens. So maybe you should like send me the P90X ab workouts somehow hahah 2. My back still, but you said you’re sending me stuff so that’s cool. 3. Tristin's birthday. Freakin, I knew it was her birthday. I even planned to write her an email, then I forgot. So sorry sis still love ya :).

You can send me some pics of me so that I can send them to other people that are writing me with some letters. Some ties, I need a few more maybe. I would like to hear an update maybe on like the whole family cousins and my friends if there is anything interesting to tell. If not don’t worry about it. My CD player really sucks and never works. I think it was just super cheap. Some more scriptures markers. And I want to know if there is anything that you want me to send to you. I haven’t been doing very good at sending things home. Oh and send more pictures of just anything. People just ask like all the time to see pictures and get mad when I don’t have many. Send the picture of me doing a flip wakeboarding. Like 10 missionaries keep asking me how to do a flip and I can’t explain it so then I can just show them a picture.

Okay wow that is a lot of stuff. Just some ideas to keep in mind. I am loving my mission and my area. My new comp is the man, and I know that there is no greater work than serving the people of Ghana. My testimony of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has never been stronger. Love you all

Love Elder Adams

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  1. Wow!! I love reading his e-mails! He is an amazing missionary! Good Job Mont and Elaine