Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24,2011

The Adams Family,
Well it's been another good week. I always get really excited over Sundays and tend to not write much about what happened during the week, and just focus on church, and for the most part that will be the bulk of this weeks email too. It was a crazy Sunday. But I will try and include some of the other interesting things that happened. So Tuesday we left the apartment about 45 min before district meeting started, and we ended up being about 30 min late still. We are still trying to figure out the traveling thing in this area. It is really annoying because there is no station right next to our apartment, and we both are kind of clueless. We spend lots of time traveling. But it's always an adventure, because about 50% of the time we end up in a place we weren't trying to go haha. But anyway, on the way to district meeting the tire on our trotro literally was falling off as we were driving. So we had to abandon ship and walk the rest of the way. Don't really know why I just told you that, so moving on.

Okay so jumping all the way to Saturday. We went to meet this less-active woman that we had been trying to fix an appointment with for about 2 weeks. We had actually never met her, or so we thought. When we went there for the 4th time we learned the lady we had been trying to find was the same lady that had told us she wasn't around the 4 previous times. She made up a name and everything, but one of the people selling next to her told us her real name and so we found the Sister G. we were looking for. We were able to talk to her for a while and learned that she was brought into the church by one of our members, but that something bad had happened between them and she won't go back. So Sunday comes around and Elder Smith was talking to the Lady that had brought Sister G. to church, she is Sister R. Elder Smith was trying to get her to tell him what had happened between them, and she wouldn't really say anything. Then she just went off about how G. tried to kill her husband, and specifically about how she tried to cut of his penis in the process, and just kept on saying G. that she was an evil evil woman. Then Elder Smith couldn’t help but start laughing super hard and that was the end of the conversation. So I am not sure if we will ever try and go back to G. we are afraid she might try and take away our preisthood. She is dangerous!! Just one of the funny situations we encountered this week. We also came across a crazy man as they call him here, who kept on running up to us and screaming at us "You don’t even know Santa Claus, and you call yourselves Americans". And also that we needed to leave his country before he makes us leave and all kinds of crazy things. So in short it was an exciting week full of laughs and funny stories.

Sunday church went along perfectly normal. It went good and we had about the same number of members as the last week in attendance and maybe even a few more. Not to mention we also had 8 investigators this week which was awesome. Pretty much every single one of our progressing investigators came to church. It was so cool. On the teaching side of things we have some very good investigators and we are really enjoying our time here right now. It's a lot of fun and our efforts are really paying off. This coming transfer is going to be really sweet and we are hoping for about 5 baptisms or more if everything works out well. I feel that the Lord has really prepared the hearts of many of the people in this area and I am excited to see what happens. I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my mission here. Moree was the complete opposite, so then I would get the best of both worlds for half of my mission. So there's the week. Next week I will try and fill you in a little more about our specific investigators and how the lessons are going with them. I haven't been telling you too much about the teaching side of things.

Miles happy birthday kid!! You are getting closer and closer to your mission. Warning!!! Don't be the cool kid who thinks he is to cool to prepare for a mission the right way. You better begin now it comes faster than you think and you will be grateful you did. Hope you have a good birthday and wish you the best. Love you bro!

Well I am learning so so so much right now. Probably more in the last month than I have my whole mission. It's a lot of work, but the time is flying as we stay very busy. It's an experience of a lifetime and the Lord is really stretching me in many directions. I love you and wish you all the best this coming week. The church is so true; I know it is, it is becoming clearer to me everyday. I pray the Lord's choicest blessings to be upon you. Much love. Take Care
Elder Adams

ps. I got the package with stuff from Alex and Rita today. Tell them thanks.

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