Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 13, 2011


Sorry about the last week we had no time because we had so much stuff to do. Well, our water pump was stolen from our house and we had no water for the whole last week, we had to fetch it, which really sucks. I only took two showers last week because I hate fetching the water. After about 3 days I decide on the 4th day that I had better take a shower and when I did I learned a new lesson. If you don't shower daily your skin sheds, and my whole body was pealing because I hadn't showered in so long ha. Guess that's why it’s supposed to be a daily thing. So things are a little sketchy around our area right now. We had our water pump stolen and we know that there are people spying on us and watching us pretty well because they knew the exact time that we would be out of the house to come and steal the pump. And then this week we almost got the crap beat out of us by a 240 pound, in shape, ripped out of his mind guy who is the husband to one of our investigators. SCARY! I will tell you more about that.

1st in Kumasi they have all of the sweet Kente scripture bags, temple bags, and all kinds of other sweet stuff that they can make out of Kente. Let me know what things you might want. 2nd I am on a new diet where all I eat for dinner is salad with a bunch of vegetables and I am actually losing a good amount of weight so it's sweet. But they don’t really have good salad dressings here so it would be sweet if you could send me like a whole bunch of ranch packets, and then I could make the dressing here or something like that. I will probably eat that the majority of my mission. All these other foods are making to fat haha. And I don't really want candy, it makes me feel so sick afterward. So legit food stuff I would prefer. 3rd I want to go golfing in Africa just so that I can say I did, and we found a pretty legit golf course that we can go to for about 35 American dollars. So just make sure that I have money in my account for that as well. I took out a bunch of money today because I broke Elder Smiths blender the other day and so I had to buy him another one and also to pay for a temple bag and scripture bag that I bought to try out and see how nice they are. Okay so that’s about all on that side of things.

How’s the grandparents, the family, and everyone doing? Grandma Hendrix Happy Birthday! 83 YEARS YOUNG AND GOING STRONG! Love you. I got an email from Jeff. haha he is so green man it makes me remember what I was like when I first came. It's cool to see though, so good. I probably need a little bit more of that greeny spirit in me now. As for the pictures and stuff well I haven't taken many pictures at all. It’s just everything is normal and I don't even know what to take a picture of anymore. I will try and take a lot more this transfer.

Here's the last week. Okay let me start off with the almost being killed story. One of our investigators is living with a guy, not married, and he is never around so she kind of lives alone but still it is his house and he
comes once a month or so. And he is not serious, doesn't believe in God and a very wicked man. She wants to be baptized and said that her boyfriend is not a good person, but that she had no money to really take care of herself. We told her that if she wants to be baptized they would have to get married, she would have to move out, or move back to her hometown and be baptized there. We should have never given that advice. Big mistake. The guy came home, thought we were stealing his wife from him because she wanted to leave him, and then he got really mad. As we were passing the house going to another appointment she came running out screaming, telling us he thought we were her boyfriends and that she had just got beat by him, and then he came out after her and was heading right for us, and let me tell you his face said that he wanted to kill us then and there. We backed away a little and he came right at us. He even had his shirt off like it was a movie, and he was huge!!!!!!!!! NFL linebacker status. We stood there and just shook praying, but also peeing down both legs. He started yelling at us and pointing and told us that we better leave or he would kill us. But in the end he never did anything, just told us we had to leave. And we did. It was one of the scariest things ever. I thought we were going to get beat up hardcore. But in the end we talked to him on the phone and kinda calmed him down and explained the whole situation, and he understood when all was said and done. But it is still a huge mess and now it is going to be difficult to baptize this woman, one of our best investigators. But we do have two others who have baptism dates for the 5th of March and the one is super powerful and bore his testimony last Sunday and has been every week to church except the first Sunday. So things are going well, but we still have a lot to do and it’s a lot harder work. But I do feel like it is real missionary work where you have to contact and start from scratch. So it’s got its ups and downs, but we are loving it. It was a very eventful past two weeks and I have to leave out a lot of things that I wanted to tell you but I am out of time so sorry maybe I will tell you the rest next week if I remember. I didn’t do anything on my year mark, just another day. We had no water so we had to take care of that stuff and there just wasn't any time really. Well I love you guys so much. The work is hard, but he never said it would be easy, he only said that it would be worth it. And it sure is worth it. The church is true, I know it is and this work is divine. Love you all

Elder Adams

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