Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 14, 2011

Adams Family,
Well its been a pretty crazy week. I told you about how Elder Mackay became the new Assistant to the President, but when I was emailing you last week I hadn't received my transfer call yet. I was 99% sure that I wouldn't be transferred this transfer because President always leaves missionaries in areas for a long period of time. Well I had only been in Atonsu for a little more than 1 transfer so I wasn’t worried about it, but President called me on Monday after emailing and gave me a new assignment. I was very surprised. He asked me to be a zone leader in the Bantama Zone, so all I did was go and replace Elder Mackay on the other side of Kumasi as zone leader. So pretty much I am just following Elder Mackay around my entire mission and serving in all of his areas. Not that it matters in any way, but I think I am the youngest zone leader in the mission, so I feel a little inexperienced kinda like a small boy haha, but it will be a really good experience. It's been kinda a rough area for a while from what I have heard. But Elder Mackay and now my companion Elder Christensen worked really hard here the last 2 transfers and now the place is just rocking and the work is super sweet. They have some super super powerful investigators and members as well. The ward was split in August and we are in Bantama 2nd Ward and the Bishop here is the man. He is all about missionary work and the ward is giving lots of referrals right now and helping a lot. We went to the ward council on Sunday and they were talking about our investigators and how they can help and visit them. So sweet, the missionaries have a really good relationship with all of the ward leaders. We were even proselyting the other day and we ran into the Relief Society Pres, her 1st Councelor, and the Young Women’s 1st Counselor visiting our investigators. I was shocked, I haven't seen that kind of devotion my whole mission. So I am really excited to be serving here. I think I am going to enjoy the fruits of Elder Mackay’s labors. We do have to spend a lot of our time doing other missionary business and traveling a lot to help our zone members and the mission so it can be a little distracting at times, and we don't have as much time to be in our area but at the same time being busy will really help the time go fast and the work be sweet. So I am excited.

My companion as I said is Elder Christensen from Kaysville, Utah. He is really cool and a really hard working missionary. We a little different, being that he isn't a huge sports fan but at the same time we have a lot in common and he is a way sweet kid. Just wants to work hard and do things right so we will get along great. He is also from Elder Mackay's MTC group. I have had four of the sweetest companions in this mission, I don't know why but I have been super spoiled in that way. Now about Atonsu. I really miss that place a lot. Elder Smith is now training a Nigerian in that area and so he is still there. I was sad to leave because some of the sweetest investigators I have ever had on mission are from Atonsu. Anita, the woman in the wheelchair is just amazing and so determined to be a member. I actually think after talking to Elder Smith today that she could even be baptized before she leaves to go to the US for her race. I miss her so much, I think more than any investigator I have ever had. Then Brother Bright, Sister Ester and Sister Casandra are ready for baptism and will be baptized on the 26th of March, and everyone of them is just awesome and super powerful. Atonsu wasn't easy but because we worked are butts off we had great success. I am glad I will still be around to see them baptized though so that’s sweet. I grew a lot on my mission in just the last month serving there. It should become and branch this month. Oh and the Stake President and the Stake Patriarch are also in our ward here in Bantama, so I can still talk to him about Atonsu and get updates and encourage him to help them out which is sweet. I am going to really miss Atonsu I loved those members and investigators and also Elder Smith, but Istepped right back into an awesome area with an awesome companion and a new responsibility. The work will go forth.

Something crazy that I found out today from Elder Brown, who by the way is opening another new group near Atonsu and training at the same time (yup thats my son), so he is now in Kumasi. He told me that one of my recent converts in Moree died this past weekend!!!!!!!!!! His name was Kobina and he was a fisherman only about 20 years of age. I don't know how he died, but I would guess that it was at sea while they were fishing. I was really sad when I heard that, but he was fully active and going to church every week before he died so he is in a better place. What a blessing it is to know the plan of salvation, and to know that he is in paradise right now. It's a great feeling to know that because I chose to come on mission I have already helped one person go to heaven. One of the sweetest most wonderful feelings ever. Now I know with an even greater understanding that what we are doing is truly divine, and that we are literally giving people eternal life. I haven't even completed my mission, but I have helped save one soul, that alone makes every thing worth it. I can't even explain how it feels.

It's been another crazy week and the yet another new assignment. The Lords really helping me grow and learn in so many ways. I feel like I still have the sweetest moments ahead of me and I am not slowing down. Thank you guys for everything and I pray for you daily. There is nothing greater than missionary work. My scripture that I chose to put on my plaque is true. I have already brought in and saved one soul, how much greater shall my joy be if I now bring man? I feel so blessed to be engaged in such a wonderful cause. But it’s all because of the Lord and his blessings, not anything I have done. I love you, I know the church to be true and I thank you for the wonderful family you are. Take care and God bless you.
Love Elder Adams
ps. Read Elder Mackay’s blog to learn more.

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