Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Sorry I couldn’t email last week we went to the cafe in our area and the net was down and we didn’t have time to go anywhere else. So that’s just Africa for ya so sorry live with it, because I do everyday haha. Well the last two weeks were pretty sweet. We went golfing last p day and it was so epic. Man its not easy hitting the golf ball over a 600 foot giant tree right in the middle of the fairway haha, but really the course wasn't all that bad. And we had a caddy and everything so it was legit, and even Nike clubs. Okay well today I found out that Elder Mackay is the new assistant so that is pretty sweet. That guy is such a stud, love that boy so much. So that’s really really cool. Umm church the past few weeks has been okay. Actually last week was really good and we had about 40 members, but this week was a downer and we had jut over 25. Man a don’t know what else we can do it is so frustrating. We go and teach all these members and visit less actives but we just can’t get them to come to church. They all miss and want to go back to their old wards if they even go to church. So things are going a little slow on the progress of the group. And to make matters worse our group leader is moving this month so we will be getting a new one and starting over again. Ugh it’s getting to me, but we are still doing all we can with the group. On the other hand we have some super solid investigators and we are really loving teaching them. Bright once again gave the most powerful testimony in church on Sunday and said that he will never leave this church, and he isn’t even baptized yet. I was a little sad and down when on Sunday when we were having class the teacher didn’t even know Bright’s name and he has been coming for 8 weeks now. I don’t know what to do, but the members just don’t seem to really care. We have two other investigators who have been to church every week and the 3 of them will be baptized on the 26.

We have a new investigator and one of my favorites I have ever taught. She is in a wheelchair, but she is not complaining she is taking full advantage of it. She wheels herself a mile to church every week and let me tell you there aren’t sidewalks. But she is a wheelchair racer and the stadium is here in Ghana and she travels the world doing Olympic like competitions and stuff. She showed us pictures of her in the white house and eating pizza and hamburgers and all kinds of stuff in America. She lives in a little house the size of my room and she has 2 girls and her husband is dead, but she is making the best of her life. She truly loves and embraces the gospel to in her life. She already said that are church is different and that she loves it. Crazy thing is that she is traveling to Atlanta, Georgia for a competition at the end of this month and will be there for 4 weeks. How crazy is that? Jeff should totally find her and teach her for me so that when she gets back I can baptize her. Only problem is I doubt Jeff can speak twi because she doesn’t speak English. But we will give her a baptism date before she leaves and continue when she returns. Small world. Oh, and the government pays for her to travel the world for these competitions.

Things are still going really well Elder Smith is a great guy and we are loving life right now in our new area. It’s not easy but we are really trying to get things going still. I could sure use some advice for teaching and bringing back less active members. Whatever I am doing doesn’t seem to be working all that well right now haha, but really some advice might help.

Still no packages. Umm my zone is Dichemso zone and Elder Mackays old one was Bantama and they are the only 2 in Kumasi. That’s crazy about Brother Weed, man small world. (Garrett’s seminary teacher has been called as the mission president to a new mission in Benin and Togo) Well I don’t know what else to tell you right now I am really in a hurry and I don’t have much time to explain or expand on anything else. Sorry I will try and make my emails more meaningful next week. I love you and I am so grateful for such a wonderful loving family, I thank my heavenly father everyday and pray in your behalf. Take care and keep doing the Lords work, there is no greater work we could be doing. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Adams

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