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February 20. 2011

Feb, 20, 2011


I am glad to hear that Miles played a really good game. As long as the Adams weren't the ones who blew it, it keeps the name in good standing. But that does suck they lost. It would have been sweet to go to State in basketball. The Weeds, my freshman seminary teacher right? That is way cool he is going to be the new Mission President over Benin and Togo. Give me their address and I will write them. We got a new pump for our apartment. The crime might be a little higher just because there is more money around, but it is still way safer than America.

Well, the exciting part of this week for me at least was Zone conference. It was a real sweet one. We talked a lot about discipline and about what we must do as a mission to reach our potential. We have three groups of missionaries that came into the mission in August, October, and November of 2009. Within those 3 groups there are about 50 or 60 plus missionaries, almost half of our mission. Elder Mackay is one of them. President said that that almost never happens, and for the longest time we were one of the youngest missions in the world. But now we are probably the oldest mission in the world and he taught us that because of that we should be the most powerful mission in the world. Pretty crazy uh? We have a lot of experience in our mission right now. When all of those guys leave then I will be one of the oldest in the whole mission and we will probably get a lot more missionaries at that time. Now President Sabey goes home in June, which really sucks because I love that man, but we received our new and final mission goal before he leaves. In his time being here we have completed all 8 of the mission goals that have been set, never failing. The Lord has really been good to our mission. But things have been taken to a whole other level with this new goal and we only have 4 months to do it!!!! All of the goals have been progressing towards the temple, or to the celestial kingdom. We started with service, and then baptisms, then baptizing a husband and wife family, then getting a recent convert to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, and we will finish that one the 28th of this month. And so guess what our next goal is?? Yup to get a family sealed in the temple and we have 4 months!!! That seems impossible. Actually, the first thing that Sister Sabey said when President told herewas, "Mel that is impossible." So right now President is really taking us to the highest level, and stressing exact obedience in every single way so that we will have the Lord’s help, because there is no way we will ever accomplish this goal without it.

So overall it was just a really really sweet conference. Then we had a sweet instruction about grace and works, and how Christ is our advocate pleading our case, and how the works are what make us become like God, and we got into a really serious discussion. Overall just a sweet sweet conference. I feel refreshed and ready to work even harder. Lately I have been a little flustered and frustrated with how things are going with our group and the area. Things just don't seem to be going like I had imagined, and the members aren't all that serious in doing what is necessary. We only have about 20 active members right now that are consistent. And they are all single and working, so they have no time to really do any missionary work and help the group to grow. We have only gotten 2 serious referrals since coming. It's almost like we are at a standstill except for the few investigators that we are preparing for baptism that we have contacted. I am really praying and seeking for a understanding of what we can do. I am just a little unsure of what we can change to help the group the most. Pray for us, we need it. I do know that everything works in the Lords time though and that if we would just continue working hard he will have to bless us. I knew it wouldn't be an easy task and I am ready to do whatever is necessary. Don't think at all that I am doubting or anything; I know things will come around, I just want you to get a little feel of where we are at right now. I know you are curious. Also pray that we can find a family to get sealed with the few people we have to choose from to prepare. Haha we really do have a lot of work to do I tell you what!!! But I am getting to the point in my mission where the harder the task, the my I love it because in the end it will be totally worth every effort.

We have one golden investigator right now who just is so powerful and he will be baptized very soon. The rest of our progressing investigators have major chastity issues still and things are going really slow, but they are improving. They will be very special baptisms though when the time comes because of all we went through together, but the number of baptisms will be less. Not that that matters though. Things are a lot different than my first area where we were dunking people every couple of weeks. This place is pretty dry, but I know we will change that. Man, even Fallon 5th is baptizing like it’s Africa. I think I could have counted the number of baptisms on my hands in our ward before I came on mission. You guys are doing awesome. Well, we are being stretched and the Lord is really teaching us we gotta work harder. I have loved my mission so much up to this point, and I know that I will only learn more. I don't think a mission has impacted anyone the way it has me. Thinking about who I was before mission, and who I am now, and where I want to go now compared to where I wanted to go before my mission, I am no way the same. Thank you, thank you for getting me on a mission. It's the greatest blessing my life. But I have so much more to do and improve upon. I know that Jesus Christ truly suffered 100% of our individual sins, and that if we come unto him he can and will heal us. This is his church. The gospel is true, and it is more visible to us as we live it. I love you and pray for you everyday. I hope everything is going great. Take care.

Much Love
Elder Adams

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