Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catching up again! June 1, 2011

Well we just got back from Accra and finished orientation with the new missionaries at the mission home and then took care of transfers, making sure everyone got to there various areas. It was a great trip to Accra. The temple was really sweet and I was able to get 2 sessions in on Tuesday. Man I love the Accra Temple. I drove too, around, and back home from Accra so that was pretty crazy, but fun. Driving a stick in traffic for hours really kills your left leg man! It was an experience for sure. We stayed at the MTC and I got to see the Froerers which was sweet. They are awesome. The Lambs also went home this week which was sad because they were so awesome and I really enjoyed having them around. The most selfless people I have ever met. It will be hard to replace them. They are great people. I love them so much. It's been a busy few days but the stress of transfers is over and done with so that is kind of nice. That's one thing off the to-do-list. I do love getting to meet all of the new missionaries they always have a great spirit when they come from the MTC. It's kind of late and I don't want to spend to much time emailing, we still have a number of things we need to do tonight before we finish for the day. Happy Birthday paps! You getting old in years, but you still got the energy of teenager. It seems like you never stop going. I hope you have a great day! Your examples strengthen me and keep me going. The church is true. How privileged we all are to be engaged in such a wonderful work. Trust in the Lord and he will guide us all. I love you guys and wish you the best this next week.

Elder Adams

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