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Monday May 23, 2011

Adams Family,
Well let me start off once again by apologizing for not emailing last week. It's somehow becoming a regular thing; me apologizing weekly, whether it's not emailing, not telling you something, or forgetting someone’s birthday I seem to miss something on a weekly basis. So I apologize in advance for this week’s mistakes haha.

So the reason that I didn't email last week was because we went on splits in Assin Foso, Dichmeso, Bantama, and Sunyani zones the whole of last week beginning on Thursday and we ended up being in Sunyani on Monday. It was a crazy road trip. On that Monday in Sunyani we got my drivers license. Yup, I can drive! I have been driving a stick now for about 6 days and I can get along just fine, now it's just a matter of making everything become natural where I don't have to think about what I am doing. I have been doing all of the driving just so that I can practice. Today I drove a big group of missionaries in the mission van to Takoradi to play some football and then back home afterward. I think I am getting the hang of it. I think that I will be driving in Accra next Monday so we will see what happens when I get thrown into the fire, but really I am not too worried. After we got my license in Sunyani we drove back down to Kumasi and stayed the night there because Tuesday morning we were starting the first of the four zone conferences. So this past week was zone conference week. We did Kumasi on Tuesday which was about 52 missionaries, and then Abura and Swedru on Wednesday which was about 22 missionaries, and then Takoradi on Thursday which was about 28 missionaries, and we finished up on Friday with Cape Coast and Assin Foso which was about 30 missionaries. It was a long but very enjoyable week. The experience of being able to instruct was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed seeing the differences between the four conferences and how each time something different would come to mind that you didn't think of in the previous conference. I was a little nervous at the 1st conference but then after I got the 1st one out of the way and gained a little more confidence in my instruction things went a lot smoother and I really began to have fun teaching it. I think I am beginning to see what you meant dad when you said that you loved teaching in zone conferences and stuff like that. Once I get a little more comfortable with it I think I will really start to love it just like you did. Overall President Sabey said that he was pleased with how the conferences went and feels that they really put across the message that we were trying to relay to the missionaries. If you are wondering we instructed about asking inspired questions and teaching people not lessons. But the way we presented it I thought was really sweet.

Sunday was Stake and District conferences which both went really well. We went and listened to President Sabey speak at district conference and then we all went over to the stake conference where he also spoke. There were too many people for the stake center to fit! The stake really needs to be divided soon because it is getting really big. With the rest of our free time during the week we just took care of the things in the office that we hadn't done over the week and then we spent time in our own area teaching a few of our investigators which was nice, because that doesn't happen as much as I wish it did. Right now we are preparing for transfers which is next week so we will probably spend a lot of time at the transfer board figuring it all out this week. We have 16 greenies coming this next week so we will have to find a lot of people to train and stuff like that. It's going to start getting pretty crazy around here pretty soon. We have a new couple coming on the 7th and another one July 1st. I believe, as well as President Sabey going home. So things are going to get busy and things are really going to change as well, it should be interesting. I will be the only one really who gets to see all of the changes happen and see the direction things go assuming that I stay in the office for a while when President Shulz gets here. So it’s exciting for sure. The Lambs are going home next week which is sad because they are really amazing people and I wish I could have gotten to know them a little bit better than I did. They have already done a lot for me and Elder MacKay just in the short time that I have known them. You should probably thank them for all that they have done for your wonderful son!!! I am sure she has a blog somewhere. You should probably thank the Saunders too if you can. They take real good care of us. Other than that there is nothing real crazy or worth my time or yours to tell so that’s all from me this week.

So I should probably say congrats to Miles on the state championship (Nevada 3A Golf) that's big time! It must be a different feeling now that the town is winning all of these state championships and stuff. It must have a whole different attitude than the expecting to lose every game syndrome they used to have haha. So it looks like I am just the failure child when it comes to sports. Tristin is, well, she is in her own league we all know that, Whitney played college volleyball so she's a baller, and Miles won a state championship and is a baller in golf, and then you have me haha. Nothing to show for my 4 yrs of high school haha. Well I am not complaining it doesn't get any better than what I am doing right now! I wouldn't want to be doing anything else right now. The church here in Ghana is growing so fast and it is the people of Africa's time to receive the gospel so I am just glad to have the opportunity to see the gospel come to this part of the world and bless so many lives. It truly has been the best 15 months of my life and boy am I glad it's not over. The church is true and how grateful I am for the testimony the Lord has blessed me with to know that with such surety! Thanks for everything and I hope that you have another fantastic week back in F-Town. As for me everything is peachy so don't worry, at least for another week......... haha

Love Elder Adams

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