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Accomplishing Mission Goals (3 new posts)

June 26, 2011

Dear Fam,

Another week has flown by. The weeks of late have been just flying bye so fast. I can't believe how fast the time is going. It's just ridiculous. It is really starting to freak me out because before I know it I am going to be finished with my mission! Having the Sabey’s, Saunders and Elder Mackay all finishing their missions within the next 8 weeks doesn't help. It doesn't feel right, it's gone to0 fast. I still feel like I just got here. I do not want to leave my mission, I love it so much, and maybe my email this week will shed some light on why. On why this has been the greatest and most cherished time of my life. But I still have about 7 months, thank goodness!!!!

Well we have officially finished our mission goal to have every missionary in this mission baptize someone who has a family member in the church, and then to also help a family to be sealed in the temple! I can now relax and breathe!!!!!! Can you believe that, who would have ever thought that was even possible? Could you imagine if you tried to do that in any other mission in the world, it would be impossible. To have 68 families get sealed in the temple in only about 4 and half months. And have 68 companionships baptize someone who has a family member in the church already. It just blows my mind. The people of Ghana have so much faith. There is no other place like this in the whole world. In the last 17 months I have never met someone who doesn't believe in God. And I can count on my fingers the number of times someone has rudely rejected me. Ghana is just different. During this goal the adversary has made many attempts in trying to block our way, to stop us if you will from accomplishing this goal. We had all of the Ivoirians come to the temple for refuge, and during that time we couldn't send people to the temple so that made the goal even harder. We had 10 families go to the temple and not get sealed because of paper work problems, miscommunication, etc. One family even did proxy sealings and thought they did their own. We had families just this last week prepared to go who said they weren't able to go now. Just everything that could go wrong went wrong. But that didn't stop us. That didn't stop this goal that the Lord had given us from being accomplished. We worked around all of those things. We helped each other. We found families in other areas and we prepared backups and even this last week we had 3 backups for every companionship who hadn't finished. We made sure they had recommends, family group records, correct records, busses scheduled to get them there, everything we could possibly do, we did. And because we did everything we could possibly do, we put ourselves in a position where we knew that the Lord could, and would do the rest. We saw miracle, after miracle, after miracle. We saw families make sacrifices; we had families call us out of the blue saying that they wanted to go to the temple to be sealed, and to be sealed on the day the goal ends!!!! And on the 25th of June the Nyanka family helped the last companionship finish as they were sealed in the temple with their young boy!! A family who called us out of the blue, and who without we would never have accomplished this goal. I have learned so much from this goal. But if I have learned one thing, I have learned that this is the Lords work and not ours. I learned more than anything that when we do all that we can do the Lord will do the rest. And that is exactly what happened, and it was amazing. It was remarkable. My mission has changed the way I look at life. I know this is the only true church upon this earth. I know this work we are doing is not our own. It is our Father in Heavens, and we are so privileged to be instruments in his hands. Nothing brings me more joy or satisfaction than to help him in his work.

Today we just had President and Sister Sabey’s last zone conference. It was sad, and it is going to be hard to see them go. I have come to love President Sabey and Sister Sabey so much. I have never met better people. I am so grateful to have served with them and to have gotten to know them as much as I have. President Sabey will do anything for the lord. I learned so much from him and I am going to miss them so much. Being his assistant has been great. We just finished having dinner with the Sabey’s and the Saunders, probably for the last time. We made the Sabey’s a video of each companionship in the mission and it was really neat. Some sang songs, some made jokes, some said goodbye, and some did really good impersonations of Pres. and things like that. We put it in and watched it with them after dinner and they loved it. Then we had ice cream. We had great time tonight with them. After the video we sat around and we just talked. Everyone there will be going home soon so I am kind of hanging around, and pretty soon it will be just me and President Shulz and a new office couple. That's when it finally dawned on me that they are going. Man I am going to miss them so much. I don't believe there has ever been a greater mission president than President Sabey.

So the Shulz’s will be arriving on Wednesday and the Sabey’s will be going home on Thursday of this week. Things are going to really change around here. It will be sad but at the same time it will be so exciting. I am really looking forward to serving with President Shulz and Sister Shulz and I know that I will learn so much from them and come to love them just the same way I love the Sabey’s. It's gunna get crazy around here in the next few months. I am really looking forward to it and can't wait to meet the Shulz’s.

Holy shnikeze!!! What a week you had. I can only imagine how stressful that was. And I think that some days for me are stressful, but I can only imagine what that was like. I talked about doing all we can and then the Lord will do the rest, and I think you can understand what I am talking about by recent personal experience. Sorry about the crazy mess, but at least it wasn't anything that you did. I am glad things turned out okay. Well Tristin you should just name the baby Garrett because that is the most powerful name that starts with a G and anything else would just be a step down. jk. But I hope everything goes well and that the baby isn't ugly, haha okay jk again. That wouldn't happen with our genetics. Well I hope you have a better week this week mom and dad and that things are a little less stressful. I love you guys so much. I pray that the Lord will bless you everyday. Take care and God bless.

Love Elder Adams

ps. I got the packages. Thanks so much. The back brace works! Love you.

pss. The answer to the Holland question was the latter one you gave. You got it!

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