Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec. 20, 2010

Merry Christmas,
I don't know about you, but I can't even tell it's Christmas time ha. 95 degrees and getting hotter doesn't really feel like Christmas, but it's still sweet. I got a feeling it's gunna be an awesome Christmas. Well about last week and transfers....... umm not much to tell. Nothing changed I am still staying in good ole Moree for another 6 weeks and Elder Brown is still my companion and I am still the district leader. Crazy uh? In my first year on mission I will have had only one area and 2 companions!!! I doubt that happens..... ever. But I'll take it how it is and just keep doing my best. It's really kind of sweet just to see how much people have changed and how the ward has changed over the past year. SO staying has been a real blessing in many ways. I wouldn't want to do it any other way. And who knows, I could stay even longer than a year. One thing that did change was our district. President has started moving missionaries around for the new expansion we are working on and now there are 8 missionaries in my district and 4 areas including mine, so I get to visit some other areas and see a little more of Ghana. But I am definitely a lot more busy having to do lots of interviews and planning district meetings and just stuff like that. It really makes time go by so fast.

This week was ridiculous. So Fast! Well as for this week it was good. We did some farming for a member in Yamoransa named Jobi and he is the coolest Ghanaian ever. He speaks English in the funniest way and has the craziest way of pronouncing words. He's funny. But we went to his small farm this week and helped him plant some lettuce. We planted about 900 or so heads of lettuce and weeded some. Gardening or farming is actually pretty fun when you get to see how well the things you plant grow. Kinda enjoyed it a little bit, plus service is always the best part of missionary work. Right now we have 12 investigators with a baptismal date, we are teaching 1 husband and wife family, a really powerful and intelligent guy named Seth about 28, and then a bunch of young men and a girl between the ages of 24 and 16. Things are going pretty well. You know you have a lot of people to teach when you can fill every hour of the day for Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and part of Friday before you week even begins. That's what happened this week. So sweet! Maybe I will tell you small about Seth. He is a guy that we just contacted late one evening while we were out tracting on our way home. I didn't think that much would come from it because contacts are not usually very successful here. But over the past few weeks he has been progressing really well. He never lies to us and always keeps his promises. He accepted a baptismal date and everything last week. It seemed like things were going to good to be true. So we gave him a bigger challenge to come to church this week. He said he would. On Sunday we were going to pick him, but he said he would come by himself so we waited for him at church. Church started and he wasn't there. But right when I was about to lose hope here came Seth walking toward the chapel. He seemed really nervous. I sat with him at church and he was so shy and nervous that everyone was watching him, but by the end of church he actually had a lot of friends in the church and even knew many of our recent-converts including Andrew Aikins. It was an awesome Sunday just because he came. But we'll see what happens, he says he is traveling soon, so we might have to try and rush things a little. Albert Essoun our recent-convert who has gone less-active came to church also. He hadn't been 6 months straight. It was a good Sunday.

Well nothing much else I can think of to tell y’all this week. We did just play some b ball against a bunch of wanna be ballers (who were pretty dang good actually) and I still can play alright. Man I miss basketball, all this soccer is getting to me ha-ha. As for the phone call I will call the number at exactly 9 in the evening here, so I will let you figure out what time for you. If you set it up a few minutes before 9 then when I call we can get right into it. Umm I got one package today with the Jesus sticker so I will have that one for Christmas. Got one from grandpa and grandma today too. Its gunna be a sweet sweet week, we have lots of awesome Christmas activities scheduled and it should be a lot of fun. Love you all and wish you a Merry Merry Christmas. Talk to you Saturday.

Love Elder Adams

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