Thursday, December 16, 2010

November 29, 2010

Well, another fine week we had. It was actually one of the sweetest of my mission in a few ways. Tuesday we went on splits with the assistants and that is always fun. You can really learn a lot from those guys who have a lot of experience. But Friday was such an awesome day. We were invited by Andrew Aikins to play in a football game at Moree Park, which is right in the center of the town. We were playing with his school teachers vs students, and we were on the teacher’s team. Our team had the sweetest uniforms ever. We had legit jerseys and team short shorts, you know soccer style, so we looked pretty legit. I must say I can't quite pull off the short shorts with my thunder thighs though. You will see some funny pics. The sweetest part was we were playing against some of our investigators, who really aren't all that serious anymore. So I beat up on them a little bit and knocked em around, but they still made me look like a fool with their mad football skills. We ended in a tie 2-2. I think we got a few contacts out of the whole thing and maybe some really good investigators. But it was by far the funnest football game ever. Right after the game the couple missionaries the Saunders came and picked us up in Moree to take us to their area. I had to do a baptismal interview for them there. Actually my first baptism interview. It turned out that the man I was interviewing, John Nketsiah., for baptism was a man that me and Elder Mackay taught maybe 8 months ago!! I was so excited and the interview was awesome, he had a very strong testimony and was so ready. He even said that me and Elder Mackay and his friends from Moree are the reason why he continued with the church when he left Moree. That was one of the neatest experiences I have had. It truly just shows that no effort is wasted and that even if we don't get to see the person baptized or if we don't continue teaching them, that the seed can still be planted. I think the Lord allowed me to be able to interview this man and gave me this experience to teach me a lesson. This experience strengthened my testimony so much. It really just opens my eyes that we can make a difference everyday, even if we don't realize it. And then to add to it I was able to conduct the baptism on Saturday in which John Nketsiah was baptized, along with 3 of our own candidates from Moree. It was a neat experience.

Sunday at church we had all of our candidates confirmed. Our ward is also making some changes and Andrew Aikins became the Young Mens President and Belinda who was confirmed, Sunday became the Relief Society secretary. It is really sweet to be able to see all of our recent converts getting serious callings. Oh and they had a primary program on Sunday. I am not going to lie but these kids made the kids back home look bad. We had 6 and 7 year old kids memorize the articles of faith and say all of them perfectly, and in English. One kid even memorized like an entire chapter from the Book of Mormon and repeated it perfectly. It was pretty impressive. All of the kids are really well mannered too when it comes to something like that. Probably because if they aren’t they will get beat, unlike back home where they will receive a biscuit to shut them up. Other than that not much that I can think of. I didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving because when we were out proselyting that day Elder Brown felt sick so I had to eat a giant bowl of rice balls and soup and fish all by myself that a member gave us, so when I got home I was to full to eat anything. It sounds like you guys had a good Thanksgiving. I am excited for Nevada, but more mad because now am not there to see it the only year that they are even good. But it is fun to rub it in Elder Browns face that BYU lost and Nevada won. That makes things better.

Well missions going pretty well right now, but I do kind of feel like I need a change. I’ve feel like I just replay the same day over and over sometimes now that I have been in the same area for so long. But at the same time it’s really sweet because I get to see how my recent converts are doing and even have cool experiences like I had this week. So it all has its ups and downs, but mostly ups. I am glad everything is going well and I look forward to hearing from you next week. I am grateful to have a family who writes me every week. I love you guys. Keep the faith and let your light so shine for all to see.

Love, Elder Adams

ps. I will write Bishop next week when I email if you guys are
wondering. And miles don't be a weenie, shoot the ball a lot. I want
at least 20 a game, come on now this is 3A were taking about, take
over now. Something random, look for a drink called Malta. I think guiness
makes it. It’s the best drink ever you should try it. Plus I want to
know if they have it in the US.

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