Thursday, December 30, 2010

Transfered to Kumasi

The Adams Family,
It was nice to hear from you all on Saturday and I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. I know I did. Well I didn't think I would have anything to tell you today, because the phone call pretty much covered the majority of the week, but this morning I got a phone call from President Sabey. He started by asking how my Christmas was, and asked a few other questions regarding what we did and how are family meal went. I thought at first that he was calling and asking questions because we did something we weren't supposed to do on Christmas, and I just kept thinking what did I do what did I do, because I knew we didn't do anything wrong. Then he said he was glad we had a good Christmas, and he went on to give me a new assignment. Usually transfers are always done every six weeks, but because of Christmas he never transferred me and Elder Brown because he wanted us to be in our area so that we could really enjoy our Christmas together and have a good meal with a family we knew very well. What a nice guy President is. But he was planning to transfer us this week. So anyway, he gave me my new assignment.

I am leaving Moree tomorrow morning and I am headed to Kumasi to open up a new area there. He said the apartment there is finally ready. It is the very first area and apartment in Kumasi were they are starting the new expansion program. They have some of the big new apartments open in Sunnyani already, but none in Kumasi. This one is number one. So I will be going to open up a new area where no missionaries have been stationed, we will be holding sacrament meeting every week in our apartment, and when we get there tomorrow we don't know a single person and we are starting from scratch. Talk about exciting!! I know it won't be easy because we are going to be contacting 24/7 and will have a lot to do in finding people before Sunday for church. My companion is Elder Smith from the U.S., but I have never met him and know nothing about him. It's going to be only us in the apartment, which will be weird because I have never been in an apartment alone, but it will be fun. He is about 3 1/2 months out on mission or something I think, so I will somehow be the Senior Companion I guess. Elder Brown took my place and is now the District Leader and his new companion is from Kenya.

Well anyway, I am way excited, but I have a lot to do today I got to wash, pack, and try and see as many people as possible this evening in Moree before I leave in the morning. It's gunna be crazy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love Elder Adams

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