Monday, May 2, 2011

April 18, 2011

HAPPY LATE BITHDAY MOM! okay so I knew that it was your birthday but things are so different now and I had so much going on in my mind and so many things to do around the mission I totally forgot what the date was and even what month it was. So I didn't forget that your birthday was on the 6th I just lost track of time. But Happy Birthday anyway, I hope it was a good one. Now I was going to send my pictures home last 2 weeks because now that I am in the mission office it would be really easy to do. Problem is when I came down to Cape from Kumasi I lost my memory card!!!!!!!!!!!! And now I am so mad and I am still searching for it. So I had a lot of pictures to send home and now they are lost. Please don't freak out, I will find it somehow. Sorry that's not much of a birthday present I know, but love you and that's all that

Love Elder Adams

ps. You can't even get mad at me for forgetting, at least not too much, because it just means I have lost myself in the work, right? haha
pss. I hope you email back sometime!!

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