Monday, May 2, 2011

Aprill 11, 2011

Well things are going really sweet around here right now. This past week has been a pretty eventful one. As you know transfers are only once every 6 weeks, but this past transfer we have had an "emergency transfer", as we call. Then this last week we had another transfer and who knows maybe we will have one this week too. We had a pretty interesting call on Thursday night around 11:30 pm that one of the missionaries apartments had been broken into and everything they had was stolen. So we went over to the apartment late that night and found the two Elders sitting in their room really down because all of their belongings and money and pictures was stolen. We looked around the apartment and found some of their things and saw that the robbers cut a hole in the roof and came down, packed everything in the Elders suitcases and then carried it all out the front door. So they stayed the night at the mission home with us that night and then the next morning we helped them move all of their beds and other things like that into another missionary apartment the next day. Something I got to get used to is receiving crazy random calls to go and help with things like that. But it really makes things interesting and exciting anyway.

This week was also interview week so we went to all of the different cities in the zone to do interviews with President Sabey. I really enjoy the time that I have to ride with Pres. and Sister Sabey around the mission because the whole time that we are driving we just get to talk openly and freely with President about anything, and he often takes the time to teach us important things that he has learned and things that will help us a lot when we go home. Those long drives with them have turned into one of the greatest learning experiences of my life, its so sweet. Over the last week I have also noticed that President puts all of his trust in us and never worries about us. It really just makes me want to be that much more spot on and do everything right because he really does expect us to be the leaders of the mission and he trusts us with every assignment 100 percent. It's like he is my new father and because he has so much trust in me I never want to let him down as his son because I want to be what he expects. It really is a cool thing. He leaves a lot of things up to us. With the transfer that happened this week all 3 of us sat in front of the transfer board for some time and discussed about the missionaries and what changes we thought we should make. We do have a lot of say in what happens too because he trusts that we know the missionaries really well and because we served with many of them we might have some insights. That is also really sweet. The funny thing is I still haven’t met 40 percent of the missionaries in the mission until this past week, so that makes it hard sometimes to give ideas and insights during transfers.

The mission home is really sweet being able to be in the office with the Saunders a lot and just talking to them. They also invite us to eat with them a lot and so we are pretty spoiled a lot of the time. Transfers are next Monday so next week we will get to go to Accra and then to the temple so I am really excited for that too. Still haven't got my license should do that within the next week if possible but we really just don't have time.

I can say that the past week was exhausting. I have never been so physically and mentally drained my whole mission. Every night I just fall asleep in my clothes because I am too tired to change. They do say that it is like that for a while until you get used to the whole schedule so I am hoping by the end of this week of the next I get used to it. However it is a great feeling to be dog tired at the end of the day because you sleep like a baby!!! The last week has been the best week of sleep my entire life!!! The air conditioner in the apartment does help too haha. Well this week we will be going on splits all over the mission and we will be doing a lot of traveling to so it should be fun. The work is a little bit different now but it is really one heck of a learning experience is many aspects. We still get to proselyte in our area, we do have an area, and that is in the evenings that we have free. We try and be there about 30 percent of the time. We are currently preparing a family of 6 to go to the temple and be sealed and then another family also so it is really sweet. Our investigators are lacking a little because we have small time to find but the ones we do have a sweet.

I hope you have a great week in China dad and enjoy the culture there. The images you sent I can't view them because we don't have the right program on our computer. The church is true and I am really loving this chance to be in full service of what I know to be true. I hope you have a good week and everything goes well. I love you all. God Bless.

Elder Adams

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