Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kakum National Park


Hi everyone,

Well I don't have much time so I will be fairly short this week. We started the week off by having Pres Shulz join us in attending a branch council in our branch. Our branch is very inexperienced and so pretty much we just taught the leaders in the branch how to conduct a branch council and more specifically how to carry out a branch mission plan within that branch council. All in all it went well and they understood, but the challenge will be to see how well they implement what they have learned when we are not around. After that we had zone council report on Wednesday, which was cool because it was sweet to see all of the new zone leaders like Elder Brown and Elder Smith. Those guys are cool guys. Then Wednesday evening through Sunday we were in our own area and finishing up some things in the office so it was a pretty relaxed week and we never had to travel, which is very uncommon now a days. We gave one man that we are teaching this week a baptismal date which was sweet and he said that he wanted to be baptized. Then we contacted this old man with diabetes who is a really cool old guy. We have taught him twice now and he is really progressing, but it will be the real test when we invite him to church this week, so we'll see if he comes. We also met a less active man this week who was baptized a few years back, and due to work he became less active shortly after he joined the church. We met him randomly the other day and came to learn that he was a member of the church, so we visited him at his house and he was a really nice humble guy. He did have a 5 foot marijuana plant growing in his back room so we will have to address that with him here very soon. But after sitting with him for a few minutes we invited him to church. He said that he would come next week for sure, but that this week he had to clean his house because nobody has been taking care of it while he was away. So we offered to help him clean it on Saturday. We cleaned with him in the morning for about 3 hours and by the time we finished his house was spotless clean. And so because of what we did for him he was able to finish everything on Saturday and came to church on Sunday and had a great time. We talked to the Branch Pres about him and he is going to start working with him so hopefully he continues to come. Sunday was our branch conference and we had about 100 people or so there, but about 30 or more of them were from the stake so it wasn't as good of a turn out as we would have hoped for.

The pictures are from today. We visited the Kakum national park and went on the canopy walk and then saw a few crocs along the way. It was a fun day. Well that’s about all I got to share with you from this week. I love you and I am really having a great time. This week will be a fun one because a general authority, Elder Gavarrett, is coming to tour our mission and we are doing two zone conferences and then he may come and teach a few lessons with us so that would cool if he does. So the next few days we will be preparing our instructions and stuff like that, ya know gotta make this a powerful one. Then we will be headed back to Kumasi on Sunday. Right now Pres Shulz is at a mission president seminar so we are just here preparing for Elder Ggavarrett. It should be a good week. Anyway thanks for everything and for all your support. I love you guys, have a great week. God Speed!

Love Elder Adams

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