Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Companion and 31 New Missionaries


Okay so sorry I haven't emailed, things have been super busy this week. Monday we came home from Sunyani, we were there on splits over the weekend. Tuesday we drove to Accra and did the temple, airport, and MTC thing. Wednesday we picked up the 31 new missionaries from the MTC and I went with 8 of them from Accra up to Kumasi in the van, and a bus took the rest down to Cape Coast. That same day after dropping the Elders in Kumasi I drove back down to Cape Coast. We left at 7 in the morning and we got to the mission home about 7 in the evening. A lot of driving!!!!!!!!! Then Thursday morning we turned around and went back to Obuasi with 4 Elders. Obuasi is a new area that we just reopened. We have a mission branch there. They took Elders out of there a few years ago because they were troublesome. So we drove up there Thursday morning and stayed the night and came home on Friday evening. We met with the Branch Presidency and talked about what we expected to happen now that we are putting Elders back into that area. It was really good, and then we met with a lot of members and investigators that the branch missionaries were teaching. Obuasi has a lot of potential, it is a big gold mining city and they only have one branch there, so we are expecting it to grow really fast and hopefully become a district or something many years down the line. So the whole of the week we were traveling up and down up and down. That’s why I haven't emailed you this week. Don't get me wrong I could have found time, but I was just too tired and didn't want to do it haha sorry.

Anyway, the pictures that you sent were great but I need pictures with my recent converts. I am going to send them some pictures so if it is possible please send me pictures of me and what you would think is my converts or even members. Those are the ones that I need. As for just other pictures

they are fun to look at, but don't worry about those ones. 2nd yes I think my toe is broken. It is still deformed but whatever who cares the pain is going away. 3rd my new companion is Elder Hair from O'Fallon Illinois. He is tight and we were in the same class at BYU-I. We got quite a bit in common so things are going to be sweet. But man I do miss Elder Tadaeo, I freakin love that kid so much!!!! 4th, I fixed that camera that you are talking about and that is the one that I am using, the other one I just left it in the mission safe. It was broken but I fixed the lens for only 50 cedis. So it works great again. 5th, yes please you need to apply to BYU for me I don't want to worry about any of that crap while I am on mission. If you want me to do it I will just wait until I get home from mission. But if you can do it that would be sweet. However, I don't think I ever did a deferment at BYU-I so yeah that might be a problem I don't know. So let me know what’s up. I got the packages this week and they were great. Thanks for all that stuff that you sent I greatly appreciate it.

Love Elder Adams

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