Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Visit members in Kumasi


How's it?

Well it has been another pretty normal week here. Well at least for us. Transfers all seemed to go really smoothly, but it was hard to see that group go home there were a lot of really great Elders in that group. The new guys seem, well green, but they seem to be a good group and we have some good trainers again. After transfers we headed up to Kumasi again to finish the apartment checks and stayed over the weekend. I was able to go to church in Atonsu and then go on splits with the Elders there and see all of my old people which was just awesome. They are all doing really great. The one guy that I baptized named Bright, who was pretty much a straight up gangsta (he just told me a story about how he blew up his brothers car with gas and a match, and then almost killed them with a cutlass) ya he is so powerful and never misses a week. He referred his best friend to the missionaries since I left and he and his wife are about to be baptized as well as Brights wife which is just sweet. But his friend has the same story. They were both just straight up G's living about as low a life as you can live, and now they are both just powerful in the gospel. It is amazing to see the changes the gospel can make in peoples lives. Brights friend gave me a huge hug when he saw me for the first time because he said that he had heard so much about me and was so grateful that we converted Bright because Bright converted him. So anyway I saw them, then some of my favorite members that are still around, but my other three converts are all gone. The one in the wheel chair is is Accra, and the other two are schooling in places a few hours away. But it was a lot of fun and we ate a lot of food. Brother Bright feed us fu fu at 4 pm, Sister Asore fed us yam at 6 pm, and then Sister Dina fed us pasta at 7 pm. I thought I was going to die it was so much food, but we managed to eat it all. It was a great day, and we even got to ride in a tro tro which I haven't done in a long time.

Over the weekend we also got the chance to go to a wedding of some members from Bantama Ward and it turned out to be a big thing. There were about as many people there as you have at stake conference. But when it came to the kissing of the bride things became hilarious. In Ghana affection is something that they never show, so when it comes to the kissing of the bride everyone just goes crazy, they pull out the cameras, cheer, yell, scream, it is just nuts. The groom, who I happened to know, is also a funny funny guy and he made it hilarious. He had his best man pat his lips with his hankey, then he would go in for the kiss and then back out and get everyone to cheer louder, it was just funny. Then when he actually kissed her everyone just went crazy. It was definitely not like back home, but it was so fun and interesting to see how the people were acting at the wedding. Like a bunch of kids. Great memory. Well other than that not much else from this week to share, just a pretty normal week of traveling and going on splits. Now I just have to finish up this pile of office work that we have before us, so I better get back to that. Love you!!!! And God bless you guys.

Love Elder Adams

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