Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Well it’s early morning here and we are off to Accra once again to try and get some Elders their driver's licenses. Pray that we get them, then I won't be the only one driving around here anymore. But I don't have time this morning to write much of an email, so I will write one when I get back tomorrow evening. I didn't get the pictures you sent so I don't know what’s up, maybe it just doesn't work cuz its Africa. Well I still don't know if I can transfer from BYU-I to BYU because I never deferred or whatever. Everyone is telling me that if I didn't do that then I would have to reapply? So you might need to check that. But yeah you can find out and see what the deal is and let me know. My toe is broken but healed and it is deformed, but not too bad so I won't worry about it. I didn't get the picture of the nativity set so try again. Okay I will email you tomorrow.

Love Elder Adams

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