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January 22, 2012

Hey mom,
Yeah so I am sorry that I am late with my email this week but you can't be mad at me we have been working really hard. We left early on Monday to go to Kumasi for Zone Meetings with BANTAMA SUNYANI AND DICHEMSO, and also to go on splits. We just got back from Sunyani about 15 minutes ago and it's been a long week with way to much driving, but a great one nonetheless. I even tried to find some time to email you in Kumasi but we just couldn't do it sorry. I also had what a would say was the most powerful lesson of my entire mission hands down!!!!! I will tell you about it, but let me answer some of your questions first.
First off I don't really care where we go to eat if that is the plan, all I know is that I don't want any rice, chicken, fish, bread, or eggs!!!!!!!!! I have been eating that everyday for two years. Maybe a steak and a fresh salad would be nice haha, but really anywhere is cool with me. Yeah about the invisalign retainers... me, Brown. Speech and Hair went on splits yesterday and were on the way to an appointment when we passed a nice basketball court. So we played a game to 5 points, me and Speech vs Brown and Hair. Meanwhile, my retainers which I had put in my front shirt pocket behind my tag fell out during the intense game, because they were no longer there when we got back to the apartment and that was the last time I remember having them. So now I have no retainers and my teeth will probably be crooked by the time I get home. Hey come on, I did pretty well, I almost made it 2 years. Yes, Speechly is very much like Kent and I think that is why we are so tight. Speech is flippin funny man. Yeah I totally talked to Elder Alba about that two days ago and he said that they were cousins somehow and that he knew them. It is a small world.

Okay as for garments they don't sell the drylux ones here in Ghana and those are the only ones that I personally like. So you are going to have to get me like 10 pairs of the drulux garments before i get home please. They are all mediums the ones that I have right now so you should order the same bottoms, but maybe some large tops. The medium tops are kinda small now but at the same time they still fit. Maybe just a few large ones so that I can try them. And don't get me the celestial smile ones, I want the crew neck ones. I am pretty sure I will leave all of my clothes behind because most of them are pretty worn and some other missionaries have already asked for them. Really the only ones I will bring home are the ones that I am wearing. I will just figure out what I need when I get home. I have no clue. Do I have a topic or am I free to share whatever I feel like and just tell powerful stories or what??? That would be sweet, but if I have a topic let me know. That would be sweet if Miles went through the temple right when I get back, I totally want to go to the temple that first week anyway. And he better be flying or diving back to see me and be at my homecoming!!!!! You hear me! I already picked some stuff up for the girls, I didn't forget. I already have most of the things that I want to take home, but maybe I will buy a painting or something like that and a few other things. As for the African print material give me some idea of what you want there is a whole lot to choose from. And how much do you want me to bring home?? Okay I think I have answered all of your questions so now let me tell you about our week and share with you what went down in the lesson that me and Speechly taught yesterday.
So we went to Kumasi On Monday, and on Tuesday we had a zone meeting with the Bantama zone along with their interviews with Pres, and then splits with the zone leaders in the evening. Then the same thing again with the Dichemso zone on Wednesday. Thursday morning we went up to Sunyani and had the same meeting with the Sunyani zone and then we went on splits with the Sunyani Zone Leaders from about 2 in the afternoon to the end of the day. For most of the day I went on splits with Elder Brown (my son) which was way sweet, just like old times. Those guys are doing really well up in Sunyani and have a lot of really cool powerful converts and investigators. Brown can speak the twi pretty well too, like he is way good. Kinda embarrassing cuz I suck at it but whatever, I never would get to use it as much anyway even if i could speak it because we don't proselyte as much. But I am totally jealous cuz its way cool, and Speechly is like fluent, man he is way good. For each of the zone meetings we had to instruct and we talked about becoming Christlike missionaries and how the success of a missionary and his mission is directly related to how Christlike he becomes on his mission, because a Christlike missionary will always be a successful missionary. Then we talked about how charity and love is the one Christlike attribute that encompasses on the other Christlike attributes, and how if we can possess that attribute while in the field it will help others not of our faith recognize us as reps of Jesus Christ more than anything else. Then we talked about how we can acquire the attribute of charity and love as missionaries and apply the same to our missionary efforts. It was pretty good I think and I pray it will have an affect on the Elders and give more of a drive to perfect themselves while in the field, because there is no better time and place to do it.
Okay so that is that. Now after the meeting in Sunyani I went on splits with Elder Brown for the day and it went way good and we had some good lessons and talked a little bit about mission and life. It was fun. We met back up with Elder Hair and Elder Speechly in the evening to go and teach (with all 4 of us) a very important lessons to their most powerful investigator who is really rich and also really smart (she drives a BMW). On the way to teach that women (Sis Ivey) that is when we stopped and ended up playing a small game of basketball in the dark which was a lot of fun. I totally drilled a 3 in Brown's face to win the game haha. So when we got to Sister Ivey's house we realized that it would probably be best if only two of us taught her and the other 2 Elders went to teach another man who they had set an appointment with at the same time. So I ended up staying with Elder Speechly to teach Sister Ivey about the restoration. It was hands down the most powerful lesson of my mission. But I am sorry I am going to leave you hanging because I will most likey tell the story at my homecoming. That way it will be more exciting for you to listen to it. It was a great week and I still love missionary work so much. Days like yesterday make it so worth every sacrifice and all the hard work we put in. I love you guys and hope to hear from you again in a few days. I will write my essays tomorrow morning for BYU, I promise. Okay love you
Love Elder Adams

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