Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Work is Sweet

The Fam
Well this week was pretty sweet. Our investigators are really starting to come along now. Some of them have had dreams and some have even had visions as answers to their prayers. It is really cool to sit down with someone and listen to these wonderful experiences they have had. I'm really starting to get used to this place. It is growing on me everyday and soon it will be more like a home. The work is sweet and we always have success. The people here are so easy to teach and always have a strong testimony that God exists. Its just the nature of the mission, even if you don't work hard you will have success. But I promise I am working hard so don't worry. The people that I am teaching are really sweet. There is one family that I am teaching. We had asked them to pray about Thomas S. Monson and they both had visions. Its seems like everyone here expects that they will have an answer to their prayers, and their faith is so strong, that they receive dreams and visions as their answers. The people are very visionary. Its awesome. The teaching is getting better everyday, we have multiple people that we are preparing for baptism already. I think we will have a baptism in the next weeks and then another in April. The work is great and the the Lord is really blessing me.
Something crazy happened, as I was walking yesterday from church a goat had a baby right in front of me, and I didn't even know it until it popped out right by my feet. It was just really random to see so I thought I'd share.
It rained yesterday and it felt so good. It got cold like 75 degreed maybe. But then everything turned to mud and my shoes and pants were covered. It gets pretty messy when it rains. This week we have a mission conference and Elder Dickson of the seventy is coming to speak to us. Im pretty excited. Everything here is going good. I'm loving the mission. Hope all is well back
home. Keep me informed on everything. I know the church is true with my whole heart. May the Lord continue to bless you. I miss you and love you all. Especially you Mom!
Elder Adams

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