Monday, March 8, 2010

We love Monday E-Mails

Everything is going so good my two first weeks. The days go by so slow but the weeks just fly by. Its been great. Now I have been trying to learn the language and it is really hard. I can only say... What is your name? and My name is.. Its a hard language to learn. They talk really fast. Im picking up a few things slowly. About 50% of the males speak English and less than that for the women. So we try to find people that speak good English. Otherwise we have to have a translator. As for the animals there is nothing really. I haven't seen anything other than farm animals and lizards. Sorry. Washing clothes really sucks and my shirts are starting to turn brown already but I'm in Africa so its alright. As for money, I'm doing good the money we get has been enough so far. The only thing that I buy is food and water. I have been eating rice and bread for breakfast and dinner. As for lunch we never eat it. We don't eat from 10 in the morning until 7:30 at night. We usually don't have time. I think that I can send you pictures but I haven't taken very many yet so i will work on that this week and send you some next week. We have two African Elders that live with us they are pretty tight. We went to the beach today and played some football African style. It was pretty sweet I guess but I'm not very good. The heat is so insane here I can't even explain it. I drink about 4 gallons of water a day here. I haven't lost much weight I don't think yet but I am starting to I can tell.

The missionary work has been going good. We have two people or so that are ready for baptism. One for sure. We have a good amount that are progressing and we hope they will be ready for baptism in the next month or two. We might have a baptism this month. We have been teaching some sweet sweet people. We have one family that came to church this week. The wife was inactive and the husband was not a member but we are going to hopefully baptize him and then the whole family can be sealed in one year. The work is great. It is not easy but it is so worth it. It is the Lords work, I have already seen miracles and amazing experiences happen. Nothing brings greater satisfaction than this work. Everything at home sounds good I hope all is well. Keep me informed on everything that is going on. I miss you all so much. If you send me something send it in a smaller box cuz i had to pay money last time okay. Thanks but if you have a lot of stuff then don't worry about it. I could tell you more but I 'have any time left on my computer so till next week this is all I have.
Much love Elder Adams

Sounds like the lord is keeping you busy. That's good now i know how it feels. It really is great. I love the missionary work so much. Sound like Mom is busy with school and you with work. Hope everything goes good. Have fun in China that will be sweet send me some pics ill send some to you next week. The language is hard to learn. They don't have books or anything so i just pick it up as we go. I have a few words but that all. The cooking is okay all I eat is rice and stew and the candy that you sent me. So it is not that bad. I can communicate okay with the locals you just have to change the way you speak. You can't say things like it's good. It has to be IT IS good or they won't understand it. My apartment is pretty nice. Well at least for Africa, it has a kitchen, rooms and a bathroom. It's not bad at all. Eeverything is concrete the floors and all but we got things like tables and chairs. Living like a king baby! The church building that we worship in is horrible. Its a wooden shop pretty much with little wooden desks that are made for little kids. We cram like 150 people in a building the size of our living room. It's hectic. Me and my companion are getting along great he is way tight and easy going. But we work hard. The work is great we have a few ready for baptism and
more to come. I will tell you more when we get closer to baptizing them. The church is the same everywhere. It is indeed true and it's great to see it bless peoples live. I'm loving every second so far. I love you.
Love Elder Adams

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  1. He sounds so good! It's great to read emails from Africa again! Kent said there are no wild animals in Africa anymore, they are all on compounds, so he probably won't see any unless he goes and visits one!!!