Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 29th E-mail

Sorry I couldn't email last week cuz the internet at the cafe wasn't working and before that we had a mad game of soccer. I'm starting to actually like soccer, even this early in my mission. And I haven't gotten sick yet, but now I think you just jynxed me. So thanks :-). The tournament sounds amazing so we won't even talk about that. I need the day people were born like Monday. You can find your Ghanian name. My name is Kojo. Just something fun I wanted to do. I haven't written anyone. I'm busy so just tell them to chill.

I get to go to the temple like once a year, but I don't know when that is yet. Anyway we were able to listen to Elder Dickson from the Seventy two weeks ago. It was pretty amazing, he is a powerful man. He only has one arm and he is a studly fly fisherman from what he said. Can't imagine doing that with one arm, but he said he is good at it. Pretty impressive. One thing that I liked in his talk is this. He said, "When we make sacrifices we come to Know Christ, and walk where he walked. When we sacrifice we become closer to our Savior Jesus Christ". I thought that was pretty powerful.

Dad, sounds like China was a crazy trip, but successful. Thats some pretty crazy food you have been eating, I haven't had anything that crazy just yet. Mostly like fish and weird Ghanian foods like fufu. Please don't ever talk about fast food places again!!! That kind of stuff cuts me real deep! Anyway, China sounds like a neat place. I can't imagine seeing that many people stuck in one place. Thats pretty sweet that you were able to have sacrament meeting online and stuff. What a neat experience.

Everything has been going good. I have some digestive problems however. Enough said. I won't give the details on that but the food is just not enough variety or something. All I eat is rice, bread, oats, eggs, and the candy you send me. We have no milk or anything like that. And the fruit we don't get very often. Everything is great despite some of the minor difficulties.

I love my comp he is a stud. We are just living it up right now. It's pretty sweet. The work is good. I had my 1st baptism this week at a chapel with a font. It was a nice building. We baptized a 27 year old man named Samuel Otoo. He is a stud and gunna be a powerful man. We only had one baptism though. He was it. We have one coming up on May 1st and it should be a good sized one. We had 12 investigators at church this week and they are all progressing. We'll see how it goes. I had my 1st interview with Pres. Sabey. WOW is that man powerful. He taught me some pretty sweet things in that interview that I will never forget. I am loving the mission and learning so much in my study. Study time is the best part of my day. I love learning new things. The church is true and I know that the next two years will set the foundation for the rest of my life. I am trying to take it all in. Thanks for all you do for me. I love you.
Love Elder Adams

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