Monday, March 1, 2010

First E-Mail

We got our first e-mail today and it was great! Elder Adams' email account has changed so please be sure to update it in you contacts. On the side is a map showing where Moree is.
I found some info. about the town Moree from Elder Adams companion Elder MacKay.
"To get to Moree, we take a tro-tro for about five or ten minutes down the road, then we have to take a taxi for about five or ten minutes and we're there. sometimes we have to wait for ten or twenty minutes for a taxi or tro tro to come by though. (tro tro's are basically an old ghetto vw van that people PILE into and travel for very cheap, and works essentially the same as a really poor version of bus.

Moree is a VERY poor village. There will be kids with very little or no clothing wherever you go. it really breaks our hearts to see the environment that these kids will spend their lives in. It is humbling. you are all lucky in America. The kids are my favorite, though. they have a little chant that they do whenever they see you, they go "obruni, obruni, how are you? i'm fine, tank you, and you??" Moree is a huge village with lots of hills and mountains. I'd say it's probably like ten miles in diameter. The people are so prepared for the gospel though.

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