Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Still Alive !!!

Okay mom you ask a lot of questions. I can't even remember half of them so I will do my best to answer them. The MTC was sweet. The president was the couple Aunt Steff told you about from Utah. Their name is Froerer. Me and Elder Speechly in the MTC became way tight. He is so cool man you should totally keep talking to his mom and keeping me updated. The MTC food was okay I had some good fruit, hot dogs for breakfast, fufu, banku, and some other weird things like a fish head. I learned a lot in the MTC like I already said. It was cool we got to go to the temple 2 times and do baptisms and sealings as well as endowment session. All of the workers were mostly black. The temple sealer was white but I don’t know where from. We had basketball courts at the MTC but the rim and the ball were more like a hanger made into a circle and a soccer ball. But we still had lots of fun playing. I got your first letter about 3 weeks later and then the others and the package took about the same I think. We did not get to see Elder Holland speak. He spoke the day before we got here which really stinks cuz they say we won’t have another apostle come my whole mission. President Sabey came and picked us up from the MTC on the 24th and we came down to Cape Coast that morning. We got all the stuff taken care of at the mission home and then we got our new companions. My new companion is FROM LAS VEGAS. How crazy is that! His name is Elder MacKay. He is way tight and I have already learned so much from him it’s crazy. And he has only been out for about 6 months. His parents are Sid and Dawn MacKay. You should look them up and talk to them. I gave them your email address as well. I live in a ghetto building everything is concrete, I have to use a mosquito net, and I saw a spider in my room like the size of my hand ha-ha its nuts! I live with two Africans as well but it’s really not that bad. I have running water, a toilet, and even a shower. I washed my clothes today by hand and my knuckles are bleeding like crazy and it is so hard to get those clothes clean! It’s an awesome experience though. Okay now to the good stuff. I have already taught like 20 lessons and gone proselyting for the past 4 days. My area is called Moree and it is a village like the people live in dirt huts and everything. It’s right on the ocean and they have little wood boats and stuff they use to go fishing it is so hectic. There’s like 20000 people in the little village and it is the poorest place I have ever seen on Earth. So humbling! It is so sweet the people are so nice and we have been teaching some people that could be baptized here in a month of two. The work is pretty successful in this area I guess. My first day I was so scared I didn’t know what to say and then like everyone says it just comes out. The first lesson I taught was about God is our loving Heavenly Father. I taught a man about the age of 30 and he just looked at my like I was crazy. Ha-ha it was great. They speak a language called Fante and most of the people don’t speak English so I am trying to learn but it is so hard. I love everyone and thanks for all the letters mom and dad. I love you so much. I am learning so much and I know it will be the best two years! Miles whit and tris I love you too and write me back soon. I will email to you all very soon, like in a week.
Love Elder Adams

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