Tuesday, May 11, 2010

E-mail 5-10-10

Well I got the package with all of the fruit drinks and Gatorade today. It had all the packets and then the cds of conference. I hope that’s all cuz that is all there was. I still haven’t gotten the other package. This one took almost one month. I am pretty pumped to try the Gatorade packs and listen to conference. (Garrett asked for recipes that use eggs, bread, rice, etc.) The eggs in the frame will be good. I will do that one. Yes we have sugar. I use it plenty in my milo - chocolate Drink mix.

(I asked about what they do at night) It will get dark around like 6:30 or so I think, but im not positive. We have these rechargeable lights that are pretty bright that we use when the lights go out. They work okay. We don’t stay up that late really; we are supposed to go to bed at 10, which we usually do.

Sounds like you had a good mother’s day, but you deserve to be spoiled. It should happen more often. I think it is funny that Miles bought you roses with your money, what a nice kid. It’s the thought that counts. Dad, this jerky thing sounds pretty good. So do you get like all kinds of different flavors that I can try that would be pretty tight. I’m looking forward to that if you can get it. Sounds like the business and stuff is still moving along, which is always good.

Well I don’t have much. I played goal keeper today. Yeah, I got scored on twice, but one of them wasn’t my fault. Anyway I suck. We lost three two. I was fired from goal keeper half way through the game ha-ha. Stupid Soccer. That’s all I got. It was sweet talking to you last night. It was kinda weird at first, but it was so refreshing and good to hear from everyone. Talk to you next week. Have a good one.

Love Elder Adams

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