Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long E-Mail 5-17-10

Sounds like Miles did really good the first day of zone. What happened the next day? That’s just not gunna cut it, he has a name to uphold! Oh well that’s still pretty good. It makes me happy that they are making Miles speak with the high council now. That’s good it will help him a lot I’m sure. Oh thanks for making me sound good Miles I appreciate it. But you know it is all true.

I think it is a bunch of crap that you guys get to go on all of these flippin vacations. It’s called a job! Orlando would be tight place to go to and visit though. I bet it is nice that school is almost out and now, you get to have a nice long break. It was always the best feeling knowing that school was almost out.

I want to see what Cody and Whit’s place looks like. Maybe if it’s super nice I will just live with them and go to college... actually I take that back. They are still newly married. Fallon hasn’t changed much I see. Still the same old crap going on. It always seems to surprise me. Things just get crazier and crazier don’t they?

Dad you’re still busy as ever I see, but that’s a good thing. With church, work, family, and everything else I can’t even imagine. Man I remember back in the day when we would all go to those fathers and sons outings. Those were always fun, and now I am craving a tin foil dinner!! I never really appreciated those types of things when I was younger, but looking back they are some of the best memories I have ever had. It just makes me so mad that I had to come all the way to flippin Africa to realize it. To realize what is really important in life. Man I wish I could go back; I would do things so differently. My mission already has made me change so much, I can’t even imagine what it will do to me in two years. I’m scared!!

I’m looking forward to receiving some pictures, that will be sweet. I want to see what everyone looks like and what has been going on. And don’t worry I am sending mine off this week on a cd so you should be getting them soon. Tell me as soon as you do so that I can delete the ones on my memory card okay. There are some random crazy pictures, just don’t ask questions. The mission makes you do weird things. I am excited to receive all of the packages that you guys are sending. You have done well. Actually you probably are spoiling me to much. Good old Grandpa is even sending me one. Man what a good guy. Love him.

Okay so Elder MacKay has got a lot of things to do on the computer today so that means I have more time to write. So I will just tell you about this week and then maybe some cool experiences or whatever comes to mind okay. Sweet! So this week we had did a service project for our ward. We had all of our missionaries in our zone come to help as well. We were supposed to meet at 6:30 in the morning, and nobody from our ward showed up until 9:00. It is so annoying, everyone in Africa has no care for time. It is a big problem actually. Church meetings always start late and nobody shows up on time. Everyone is on African time. So that is something that we as missionaries are trying to fix, but as you see it is not going well. After our Bishop finally showed up we walked about half a mile or so to a field (more like a piece of land covered in bushes and weeds) so what we did was plant corn or maze. It was done the same way that they do it on the Joseph Smith video where you stab a stick into the ground, drop a few pieces of corn in the hole, and then cover it up with dirt. We did that for about two hours or so. It was pretty sweet experience farming like the people back in the day.

This week another one of the girls in our ward received a mission call. It was funny because the Saunders told us on Tuesday that she was going to be serving in our same mission, and then the next day when we asked her where she was going she told us that she still hadn’t received her call. I guess the mail is just so slow here that she hadn’t gotten it yet, and the mission office found out first. It is supposed to be the other way around. The missionary usually knows first. So we just messed with her and acted like we didn’t know where she was going. But on Sunday she finally received it. So now I will know at least one of the sisters in our mission, because right now I can’t name one. It would be cool to be in the same district or zone or something like that.

Transfers are today as well. Elder MacKay thinks that he is leaving because he has been in the area for so long, 9 months. So I could be getting a new companion today, and most likely he would be black because there are so many white boys in our zone. But I hear that with President Sabey you can never tell what he will do. The man only does what the spirit tells him. Anyway, I hope he stays because I love the kid. We work hard and have fun together, plus I would have to kinda take over and show my new companion everything in the area. But whatever we will see what happens. Really I don’t care anything would be tight. I’m just going with the flow.

Here is a cool story.... So Kobe and Georgina the husband and wife family that we baptized are doing so good. Kobe has a good job now and they are very happy. They are doing so well in the gospel. Right now we are teaching a family that they referred to us, which are their best friends. We are teaching Kobe’s brother who came to church this week and we are beginning to teach his father. And we're not done yet... Georgina is going to get a call in the ward sometime soon according to what we hear. I would say that is a pretty successful baptism. They are doing more missionary work than we are. Man I love them, they are so nicest people you’ll ever meet. It is the best feeling to see our people we have baptized doing so well. It makes me so happy. This work really does bring joy like no other. It’s amazing

Well that’s all the time I have. Love you guys and I will talk to you next week. Take care.

Love Elder Adams

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