Monday, May 3, 2010

E-mails 5-3-10

I will call home around 1:00 or so your time. I bought a chip that has like 2 hours time or so. So we will see how long I talk for. I really can’t wait to talk to all of the family. The white handbook really isn’t that clear on how long either. It just says it shouldn’t to long. Okay as for the photos I have lots to send home. I will put them on a cd and send that home sometime soon, hopefully this week sometime. Sorry I just kind of keep forgetting and don’t do it at all. We got some sweet pics of our baptism this week at the beach. I won’t tell you anymore about the baptism because it was amazing, and I would rather tell you over the phone about it. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the whole grandma thing, Raegan sounds like a good little kid. I think that when I get home I will like kids a lot more because here, the kids are what always make me happy. Anytime were having a rough day we just play with some kids and that puts us back in a good mood.

You guys had quite the wind storm it sounds like then. That’s too bad. Now you guys have to fix the house up again. I remember those days. Its too bad I’m not there to help... NOT. It rained a lot here this week, we had some good storms. One night
the thunder was so loud it scared the crap out of me. It was seriously louder than a gun. Africa in crazy.

I haven’t received any packages since the one you sent with the Easter stuff. The others haven’t come; maybe I will get them today. You can send me some twizzlers. Other than that I don’t care its all good. Anyway, that’s all I am telling this week, I don’t want to ruin the phone call. I have some good stuff to share. Well I will talk to you on Sunday (I only get to say that 4 times in two years). I love you
mom. Keep up the good work, talk to you Sunday.

Love Elder Adams

WOW, your are a busy man! Sounds like you had some fun though promoting products and fishing. 42 fish in 2 days ain’t bad. Man do i miss fishing and hunting. That stuff was so fun. I think i might build me arod and reel somehow, and go fishing in
this little pond near my apartment one P Day. If I do you can put me on the cover of the Hendrix Outdoors Catalog next year ha-ha. It’s sweet that you and Paul do so much stuff together. I hope that I have some cool mission buddies when I get old.

Don’t talk to me about cooking steak!! That stuff just makes me so hungry, oh how I miss Sunday dinners and your food ha-ha. Now I just eat rice and beans. And a lot of tuna and other fish. Actually the food here is pretty good stuff, but it just doesn’t compare.

Allison’s wedding is this week. I can’t believe she is getting married finally. Sorry about the huge wind storm. Sounds like everything got pretty messed up around town. Guess Kobe(our dog) will be sleeping in your bed from now on. Just have Miles do the whole roof himself. Man too bad I wasn't there to help.

The Baptism was the best experience of my mission so far. We were so blessed and there were some tender mercies involved. I won’t tell you anymore. I want to explain over the phone it will be better. Just know it was sweet.

Well I love you father, more than you know. You’re the best dad a son
could ask for. Keep up the hard work and have some fun, you work to
hard. Love you talk to ya SUNDAYYYY.


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