Saturday, May 29, 2010

E-mail 5-24-10

Adams Family
How’s life? Sounds like everyone is doing great. Happy 26th anniversary mom and dad! Wow you guys are old. jk School is almost out, work is starting to pick up at the office, and everyone is going a hundred miles an hour it sounds like. That is pretty flippin awesome that Keith Adams got baptized. Holy crap that is sweet. It will be so good for him. He is a good kid. I probably should have been better to him back in high school.

Well this week was pretty long it seemed to me. We didn’t teach many lessons this week, it seemed like our plans just fell through the roof everyday. We walked a lot, and it was pretty hot this week. But the work paid off. At the end of the week we got the sweetest referral ever. Our 1st counselor in the bishopric Brother Frank Pratt, referred his best friend Sammy and his family to us. They recently had a baby and even named it after our first counselor, Brother Frank Pratt. Sammy already knows some about the gospel and respects Brother Pratt more than anyone, so he has a good foundation already. We have taught him for the first time yesterday and he is one of the smartest
people I have met so far. I have a good feeling that we could have another family baptism sometime soon. Our Bishopric also has been showing a lot more trust in us lately. It is a good feeling as missionaries. We had stake Conference this week too. It was one of the sweetest things to see so many Africans together.They have such an awesome spirit about them. They have such great faith and power. The stake presidency is awesome here. Our stake President is only 42 years old, but he is one of the wisest men ive seen. He is so intune with the spirit it is ridiculous. Some of the things that were brought up over the conference weekend were pornography and marriage. He talked a lot
about pornography here, it is a big problem. It is everywhere you go and easy for children of all ages to get. It really is sad. He also talked about marriage and how they need to get married at a younger age. No one gets married here until they are like 30 plus, its ridiculous. So he basically called out all the men and instructed them to get off there butt, find a job, and get married. It was a sweet conference, there was much more but I only have so much time to email, sorry.

Today we all went to the mission home and watched conference with our zone. We watched the priesthood session, the last three talks by the first presidency. They were all sweet talks but the one on patience was awesome. "patience is actively waiting and enduring" That is so true. The key word is active. After we played a game called Mafia with president and his wife and had some carmel popcorn. It was sweet. If you know the game mafia, you can imagine how intense it got. Especially because president is a lawyer. It was lots of fun, you should play it. We have zone conference this week and we get a new goal, its gunna be tight week.

Well that’s about all I have, I will send pictures off today for sure. Last week we had some minor problems but were good now. I still haven’t received a package since the one with the conference cds. Which I love. I will be sending a package home dad in the next weeks. I have to buy some things first. Well I love you guys and take care until next week. You all rock!
Love Elder Adams

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