Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call

Elder Adams was able to call home Sunday afternoon. We put the home phone on speaker phone, and then used our cell phones so Tristin and Whitney could participate. It worked pretty well and we could all hear and talk to Garrett. Grandma and Grandpa also came over to listen too.

The first thing he wanted to tell us about was the baptism from the week before. Their mission has set the goal of each companionship baptizing an husband and wife or a family. They had committed to baptism a man named Kobe. His wife had been less active but started coming again and doing well. The day of the baptism he went to Accra and was not back yet. They called him and he said he was coming. They waited, at the church, but still no Kobe. Finally they left the church and headed to the beach about 10 minutes away. They had the baptismal program and then Garrett was able to baptize 2 children whose records had been lost and others. Still no Kobe. They took some pictures and then headed back to the church. Just then Kobe showed up. He changed into his white clothing and they all went back to the beach and he was baptized. As Elder Mackay said, "we witnessed a straight up miracle and accomplished the goal for our companionship!" Sister Saunder's has some great photos on her blog and I have copied them below. (Now not only am I a blog stalker, reading all the blogs of missionaries in Africa, I am also a blog thief) He said it was a great experience and "SWEET!!!"

He answered many questions we had (ok, Mom did most of the talking and asking, everyone else pretty much just listened". He had one funny comment when he said he has seen many naked people. He said, "I think I see like 25 boobs a day." To which Whitney quickly responded, "So you mean someone only had one!" We all had a good laugh. At the end of the call Grandpa and Grandma Hendrix talked too. Grandpa asked what stuff he would like in a care package. Garrett responded any kind of food and then said he had one more request too. Grandpa asked, "what?" Garrett said, "That you and Grandma are still there when I get home!" Grandpa answered, "I'll see what I can do!" (Grandpa is 89 and Grandma 82 but both still going strong"

He sounds great, does have a little of an African accent, and is loving life in Africa.

Elders Lewis, MacKay, Adams, and Hill with three of the four converts baptized in the ocean Sunday. Two of the six baptisms were children of record.

Elder Adams did the baptizing and Elder Lewis and Elder Hill were the witnesses. After a few tries Elder Adams was soon able to time the baptism perfectly between oncoming waves. Elder Adams area does not have a chapel and thus no font so they were able to do the baptism in the ocean which does not happen very often.

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