Monday, May 31, 2010

E-mail 5-31-2010

It sounds like there is plenty going on. As for me everything is great. We had zone conference this week and we received the status on our current goal. We have only 6 weeks left and there are still 55 missionaries who haven’t finished the goal. That means 55 missionaries have to have a husband and wife family baptism in the next 6 weeks or we won’t accomplish this goal. Since President Sabey has been here they have had like 6 goals or so and they have accomplished every single one of them in a miraculous way. Right now it looks almost impossible, you can imagine how hard it is to have 1 family baptism, imagine 55!! So we are in a tough situation, and all we can do now is work hard and put ourselves in a position for the Lord to do the rest. If we are obedient by all means it will happen. I am excited to see how it all turns out. We also received a new goal to begin while we are working on finishing this one. I bet you can guess what the new goal has to deal with... The World Cup. So here in Africa things will be so crazy during the world cup, and everyone will be watching. And President knows that the work will be very very slow because of that. In the past missionaries will watch the games with members or people to pass the time, so President as come up with a way to stop that. He read Alma ch. 46 to us and then he pulled out a massive Ghanaian flag. He told us that he was going to have an interview and ask every missionary in the mission to make a covenant to not watch any football(soccer) match between June 11th and July 11th. And after we made the covenant we had to sign the flag showing we were part of the covenant (our title of Liberty). So that is the first part of the goal, that no missionary will watch any football match between during the World Cup. The second part of the goal is that during the time that the football matches are being played we have to find someone, and then we have to baptize that person before September. So an example would be, USA is playing England between 4:30 and 7 o'clock. So between that time we need to get as many potential investigators, contacts, and member referrals as possible. Then we would have to teach and baptize one of the people we met during the football games. So we have a schedule of the entire tournament and the times of the games so we know when to be searching for these people. Every night we will receive a text message with who one what games, so we can follow the tournament as well, which is tight. Every night we have to report whether or not we have kept the covenant. Pretty insane uh. I mean I have only made two covenants my entire life. This is some pretty serious stuff. Now I have made three covenants. So that is the update on the mission goals. As for the week, it was sweet. We had a much better week and taught somewhere around like 40 lessons. We should be having another baptism on the 19, of this month so I’ll keep you updated on that. We have teaching our 1st counselors best friend, and we are tight with him and his family. So beginning this week, after every lesson we teach me and Elder MacKay are going to be learning how to cook different Ghanaian foods. I am pretty pumped for this. In a few months I am going to now how to cook some way good African food. On Wednesday we are making jolof rice... which is my favorite food. Our area is doing very well. We have a decent size teaching pool, and almost all of them are progressing, especially Bro. Pratts ( our first counselor) best friend, Sammy. He is so smart. We taught him the Plan of Salvation the past few visits, and he asks the deepest deepest questions. Some of them a cant even answer. so I just say" Sammy I don’t know, but I know God knows. It’s his plan; we just need to have faith". Sometimes I get stuck so I have to say something like that. But it’s been sweet I have been learning more during my teaching than during my studying. I am getting to the point now where I can focus more on the person being taught, and fitting the lesson to meet their needs. Before I was always thinking about what to say before the lesson even began. So I am doing better, but still nowhere to where Elder MacKay is at. We have been working our butts off, and now we got even more to do in order to be prepared for the upcoming baptism. We have a lot of children who haven’t been baptized, and maybe we will baptize a few investigators who will be traveling for school. So we will have a busy few weeks ahead. So... as for you guys it sounds like everything is going great. Me and Elder MacKay would love to have some of those Black Star shirts to sport around here. That would be cool. I still haven’t received a package since the one that had the conference talks. By the way those are awesome, I listen to them often. I think maybe a package or two might have gotten jacked along its journey. But I don’t know for sure, I will keep you updated. I am pretty pumped for the Jerky thing. Jack is the man!! That’s cool that Jake received is call already. It will be the best experience of his life. I sent a package home today with dads birthday and fathers day stuff, so be looking for that in the next few weeks. Well that’s about all I got to tell for this week, everything is going great. Have fun in Missouri and doing whatever crazy things you guys are up to. I love you all.

Love Elder Adams

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